Hair Removal for Men | 12 February 2020

5 benefits of laser hair removal for Men

If you choose to remove your hair laser hair removal is the best solution. Daily shaving can take time and can leave your skin feeling rough and extremely irritated. After a few sessions of laser the need to shave daily will be a thing of the past and the condition of your skin will improve dramatically. Men’s hair tends to be thick and coarse so it can cause issues on an ongoing basis as it it growing. Ingrown hairs if left untreated for long periods can lead to permanent scarring. If you are experiencing issues like this please come an speak to us. There are many benefits to laser hair removal for men here are just our top 5.

You won't have to shave daily after laser

No need for daily shaving, maintenance

After a few sessions of laser you will see your hair growth decrease, a lot. If you have to shave areas on a daily basis this will decrease. You may only need to shave once in a 6 week period after 3-4 sessions. This will leave you more spare time and your skin will be less irritated.

No more ingrown hairs

No more ingrown hairs

If your prone to ingrown hairs they can be sore and very difficult to remove. If left untreated they can also result in scarring. Laser hair removal is clinically proven to help prevent ingrown hairs. Laser will also help conditions like folliculitis over time. Out of our top 5 benefits of laser hair removal for men this is no 1.

Laser makes your beard more defined

A more defined beard line

If you are constantly trying to shave rogue hairs from around your beard line then laser hair removal is what you need. In order to keep your beard looking sharp it’s good to keep these at bay.  Laser will target these small clusters of hair from your cheek and neck so that your beard line looks super defined.

benefits on laser hair removal on the underarm gym ready all of the time

Gym ready all of the time

If you like working out or going for a swim you don’t have to worry about shaving before you go, for the vast majority of time your skin will be hair free so you can go whenever you want.

Reduce hair growth after laser

You can choose just to reduce your growth and not fully remove it

You have the option just to thin out your hair so that it is less noticeable and easier to maintain, you don’t have to fully remove it with laser.

Most men will need more than 6 sessions to see results and more top ups may be needed. The reason for this is down to the amount of testosterone produced by the body. Men’s hormone profile is one factor that will determine how successful laser will be. Hair colour and density also will play a part in the amount of sessions that may be needed. We recommend a course of 10-12 sessions to see a good reduction. 2-3 top ups may be needed on a yearly basis to maintain results. Laser dramatically reduce excess hair over time and improves the condition of your skin. You will feel much more confident exposing your body if excess hair is an issue for you. As you can see by our top 5 benefits of laser hair removal for Men this treatment can improve your confidence. 


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