Dedicated To Hair Removal


Urbana is a dedicated hair removal clinic in Dublin and specialise in both Laser Hair Removal and Waxing treatments for men and women.

What We Do

We just remove hair, it’s what we do, whether your a hair removal novice or seasoned pro, hairy or relatively hair free we don’t judge, we just want to remove your hair. If excess hair is a problem for you come and talk to us we are here to help. While you have many choices for laser hair removal and waxing in Dublin, none compare to Urbana…

Why Choose Urbana Hair Removal Clinics?

It’s simple you want safe, effective treatments and you want us to be as passionate about your results as you are. You respect your body, your health, and your safety and so do we. We want you to have comfortable treatments carried out is a professional but friendly way. But most of all, you want outstanding results. Here’s how we deliver on all of this and more…

World-Class Medical Lasers:

As hair removal technology advances, so does our equipment. Why settle for out-dated laser hair removal treatments when the latest, safest treatments are waiting for you at Urbana? We only use Medical Grade 4 Diode and Alexandrite Lasers in our clinics Learn more about laser hair removal…


Our clinics are located in very central locations with our Dublin clinic located in the heart of Dublin City Centre on 39 Clarendon Street.

Certified Professionals:

You’re in good hands with our highly-trained, certified hair removal technicians. But your experience goes beyond the hair removal treatment you choose. Our entire staff is here to ensure you have a courteous, enjoyable experience and achieve the best possible result from your laser treatments with us.

Loyalty Card Discounts:

You reward us with your business, and we reward you back! Use your loyalty card to enjoy 10% off your laser hair removal treatments in our clinics…

Free Consultations:

Education is the first step in choosing the right hair removal service for you. That is why we invite you to request a free consultation to learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision.