Laser Hair Removal | 28 May 2018

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Results from laser hair removal treatment may not be completely permanent and top up sessions may be needed over time. Laser gives lasting results and a permanent reduction in unwanted body hair but not 100% removal for the rest of your life. We feel it’s important to be honest from the start so you know what to expect, results can be life changing but they do need to be maintained. As we have 1000’s of hair follicles all over our bodies it would be impossible to remove every single one after a course of treatment. Results depend on a number of factors, including things like genetics, hair colour, skin colour and maybe underlying medical issues such as polycystic ovaries or maybe an internal hormone imbalance within the body.

Laser removal can be used to successfully treat hair on any part of the body (with the exception of the outer brow area) and can give results that may last for many months or even years.  It’s a much better investment than  shaving or waxing and gives better results long term.

Results will need to be maintained

Although laser hair removal is an amazing treatment and gives excellent results the results do need to be maintained from time to time. Many people experience results that are way beyond their expectations, and see 80% to 90% reduction in the hair even after just 6 to 8+ sessions of laser treatment. After a course of treatment you may see light, fine, fluffy hairs grow back, these tend to be very sporadic and these are the hairs that will need to be maintained.

The number of maintenance treatments people may require after 6 to 8 sessions depends upon a number of factors such as the area of the body where the hair is being treated (facial hair often takes more maintenance sessions than other areas of the body) but on average most people require between 2 to 4 maintenance sessions per year.

Not all hairs in your treatment area may be suitable

Laser will only work on pigmented hairs so any hairs that are grey, blond or red will not respond. In one particular area your hair may be a mix of colors so you will notice that the darker hairs will respond the quickest but any finer lighter colored hairs will remain as the laser will have no affect on these.  For the majority of clients this does not cause any issues as the bulk of the thick, coarse, darker hairs have been removed they are happy just to quickly shave over these hairs every few months.

As a clinic we operate in a very ethical way, we will always be open and honest about what you can expect and if we think laser will not work for you we will tell you straight away. During your consultation we assess your hair and skin and go through your medical history to check for anything that may cause an issue for you. If you would like any further information on laser hair removal then please feel free to drop into any of our clinics or contact us here to arrange a free consultation.

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