Is it safe to have laser hair removal when you have psoriasis
Laser Hair Removal | 18 August 2020

Is it safe to have laser if I have Psoriasis?

This really depends on the severity of your psoriasis. For mild forms of this condition it is safe to have laser providing the skin in your treatment area is healthy. If you suffer from flare ups in certain areas we may need to avoid these areas during treatment. If you have had a flare up and are due a treatment we will have to assess your area before we could treat this area for you. It is crucial that your skin is treated safely with laser if you have psoriasis. 

Establishing when it is safe to perform laser with psoriasis

When we are performing laser we are using high levels of heat on the skin. Lasers use a combination of light and heat to target and disable hair follicles. Because of this we need the skin in the surrounding areas to be strong enough to tolerate this heat. If you skin is weakened this heat will cause an adverse reaction. If you have a more severe form of this condition we may not be able to treat the skin in your affected area. But if the skin in your treatment area is unaffected by your psoriasis we may be able to treat you. This is providing you are not taking any medications to control this condition. 

If you use topical steroid creams we would also need you wait 3 weeks after you have stopped using these.  We will assess your skin condition to determine when it would be safe to continue treatment. 

Most people who suffer from this condition will find that some things trigger a response on the skin.  If you already know your own triggers it is important to avoid these during your course where possible. This will avoid you having to take long breaks in between your treatments. 

The main triggers for psoriasis are 


medications for this condition


Certain medications can cause a flare ups. If you are currently taking medication to manage psoriasis and happen to stop this suddenly a flare up is likely.

smoking may make psoriasis worse


Smoking and passive smoking can increase the risk of a flare up.

Excess alcohol may make psoriasis worse

Excess alcohol

Excess alcohol consumption may cause skin to become irritated over time.

stress may affect psoriasis


Stress impacts your immune system which in turn can make this condition. 

Weather conditions may make psoriasis worse

Weather conditions

Cold, dry weather in particular can cause skin to become dry and flare ups are more likely to occur.

Skin infections can cause a flare up in psoriasis

Skin infections

If your skin has become infected it may be more susceptible to developing a flare up in this condition.

If the skin in injured this may psoriasis to become worse

Injury to the skin

Sunburn, cuts, scrapes can cause damage to the skin and may result in areas becoming inflamed.

Fungal infections

These can make this condition worse especially for people who have inverse psoriasis. (link this back to the what is psoriasis post)

While you are undergoing a course of treatment with us we will monitor your skin constantly. We would always recommend you stay with the same therapist for the duration of your course of treatment. By doing this your therapist can assess your treatment are to make sure it is safe to treat at all times. Our specialists are dedicated to hair removal and will never take risks with your skin. This is a very common condition so please do not be self-conscious in any way. It is safe to have laser if you have psoriasis but some limits may apply.

Before you start treatment treatment we would need to see you for a consultation. During this we will assess your skin and you can ask as many questions as you need. These appointments take 30 minutes and are free. Contact us today to book yours.

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