Things to consider before laser
After Laser Treatment | 1 September 2019

Things to consider before laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a life-changing treatment for many and offers a lasting reduction in unwanted hair. Despite the many positive aspects of this treatment, there are things to consider before starting laser hair removal. Your consultation and patch test are vitally important to the success of your treatment course.  It’s essential that your hair is checked to ensure it is suitable for treatment. If you have any underlying health or hormonal issues these need to be talked through also. Hormone conditions can affect treatment outcome so you need to be made aware of this. If you are taking any medications these will need to be checked also. Some medications cause the skin to become sensitive to light so are contraindicated.

Results need to be monitored closely during a course of treatment. Mini-assessments should be done and any concerns you have addressed. This way if adjustments need to be made to your settings this can be done quickly. Laser is different for everyone, one size doesn’t fit all. Each individual set of circumstances needs to be taken into consideration. We are always honest in our recommendations. If we feel you are not suitable for treatment we will not advise you to start. We think it’s only right that you are told the truth from the start. When you are fully informed you know what to expect. If we think laser will take a little longer for you we will tell you. Likewise, if we feel you will need more top-ups to maintain your results this will be explained.  We want to give you realist expectations from the start.

Before you start your course chat through the following with your preferred clinic. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, lots of them. The more informed you are the better.

Things to consider before starting laser hair removal

Initial consultation for laser

Your Initial Laser Consultation

This will probably be the most important appointment of your course of treatment. This should be informative, educational and honest. During this appointment, your skin and hair should be assessed to make sure you are suitable and a treatment plan put in place. This is to make sure you are fully aware of what is going to happen next. Your consultation should be in-depth with an experienced consultant who knows about laser and not a pushy salesperson. It is important that your consultation is not about the sale for the clinic but about you and your suitability for laser treatment. Your results depend on this consultation so make sure you are fully informed.

dedicated hair removal cream

Is The Clinic Dedicated to Laser Hair Removal?

Because we focus solely on hair removal our specialists only perform laser hair removal treatments.  They are experts in what they do and are confident in all aspects of treatment.  From your initial consultation, your course of treatment and treatment reviews along the way we monitor things closely for you. We want to ensure you get the best results in the safest way possible. This is one of the most important things to consider before laser hair removal.

medical grade lasers

Do They Use Medical Grade Lasers ? – (We do not use IPL)

We only use medical-grade lasers in our clinics.  We invest heavily in making sure all of our lasers are serviced and working at an optimum level. This way you get the best results from each and every one of your sessions. We have been using Cynosure lasers for 10+ years and are experienced in treating all skin types safely. We do not use IPL or Diode lasers in our clinics.

We only use Alexandrite and Nd:YAG for all of our laser hair removal treatments.

different types of lasers for different skin tones

Are Different Types Of Lasers Used For Different Skin Types?

Different skin types need different wavelengths of laser. We use Alexandrite for pale/medium skin types. And Nd: YAG for darker skin types. It is important that your skin tone is treated with the correct wavelength. This will keep your skin safe throughout your course of treatments.

We safely treat both dark and light skin tones.

comfortable laser hair removal treatments

Can You Be Assured Treatments Are Going To Be Comfortable?

Laser Hair Removal should not be a painful process. At the start of your course of treatment when your hair is at its thickest treatments may feel a little pinch.  As you progress your hair begins to become finer and lighter this sensation decreases. Our lasers use a cooling system which jets ice-cold air onto your skin as we are passing the laser over during treatment.  This helps to minimise any sensation you may feel. Because laser hair removal is the only treatment we perform we have different techniques and methods to ensure a comfortable treatment.  So you can relax, you’re in safe hands.

fully trained laser therapists

Do They Have Fully Qualified And Trained Staff?

In order to get the best results in the safest way, it is essential that the therapist using our lasers are fully trained and confident. It is crucial that the therapist using the laser is trained to a very high standard. This will enable them to use the full range of settings that the laser will allow. Our therapists are both externally and internally trained. We have been performing laser treatments for the last 10+ years.  In that time we have developed different techniques to ensure they deliver the best treatments possible.  We also allow our therapists ample time to do each one of your sessions.  We do not rush your treatments as this can impact on your results.

hygiene policy for laser

What Is Their Hygiene Policy?

We take hygiene very seriously. It’s super important given the number of laser treatments that we perform especially on the intimate areas of the body.  Our therapists use a fresh pair of disposable gloves for each treatment. The laser handpiece is sanitised after each session with a hospital-grade solution. A fresh razor is used for each client if any areas need to be shaved before or during treatment. Please don’t be afraid to have a look at our lasers and the handpiece on our laser machines before or during your treatment. We keep them extremely clean.

laser clinic reputation

Check Out The Clinic’s Reputation Online

The best source of information to research any laser clinic is to go online to see reviews left by actual clients.  Google, Yelp, Whatclinic, are just a few.  These forums are heavily moderated and commercial postings are not allowed by clinics. Looking through these you will get honest feedback from clients. We would always recommend researching the laser machines and cooling techniques used.  These can impact on the level of results you will achieve and also how comfortable your treatments will be.

Is laser hair removal permanent

Laser Does Not Remove 100% Of Your Hair Permanently After 6 Sessions

Laser Hair Removal offers a permanent reduction in unwanted body hair.  Laser will not remove 100% of your hair forever.  You will need top-up sessions to treat finer, lighter hairs that may be left. Most people will experience well over 80-85% % hair reduction in their treated areas after 6-10 treatments.  6 sessions in the majority of cases are not enough to remove hair. We have been performing laser treatments for over 10 years. We know that it takes more sessions than this in order to achieve long-lasting results. We believe in being upfront and honest with you from the start so you know what results you can expect.

aftercare and follow up procedures

What Are Their Aftercare And Followup Procedures?

It is important that should you be 100% satisfied with the outcome of your course of laser treatments. We monitor your results every step of the way to make sure you’re happy. Sometimes laser can take longer than expected especially if there is a reason why. You are free to book review treatments whenever you wish throughout your course of treatments with us.  These appointments are free of charge and it’s always good to know you can voice concerns you have as they arise.

There are a number of things to consider if you are thinking about laser hair removal.  Laser is a lengthy process, it’s important that you are happy with all aspects of your treatment during your course. If you have concerns and would like to talk to one of our experienced laser consultants please get in touch.

All of our consultations are free of charge and take approx 30 minutes, contact us here today.