waxing facial hair
Facial Hair Removal | 26 August 2019

Waxing Facial Hair

Waxing is an effective way to treat facial hair for many women.

The benefits of waxing facial hair are:


  • A reduction in facial hair growth for up to 3-4 weeks
  • Immediate Results
  • Removes all types of hairs on the face
  • Treatments are extremely safe when carried out by experienced therapists

The downside of waxing facial hair are:


  • You have to allow your hair to grow
  • Sensitive skin after treatment
  • Treatments are needed every 4-6 weeks on an ongoing basis
  • If not done correctly bruising can occur
  • Follicles can become infected after treatment
  • Hairs can become ingrown

Waxing facial hair is a tried and tested method of removing unwanted hair, and some dead skin cells, from the face and elsewhere on the body. Treatments are fast and very effective but your hair-free period will depend on your hair growth cycle. Waxing is a very affordable way of quickly removing facial hair. Results are very short-term and sometimes can lead to skin issues such as breakouts, ingrown hairs, or skin irritation. If you are experiencing these issues from waxing there is an alternative.

Laser hair removal treatment can help improve the appearance of your skin over time.  It quickly reduces hair density over just a few sessions and as you do not need to allow your hair to grow before treatment. Because of this, you can remain hair free for the duration of your treatment course. For laser hair removal to work hairs in the area have to be mid-brown to black in colour. White, blond, or grey hairs will not respond to laser.

How does waxing work?


There are two types of wax used for facial hair removal. We would strongly advise against using strip wax on the facial area. We would only recommend using hot wax on this sensitive area.

Strip waxing  – is suitable for large body areas such as legs or a man’s back.  Warm wax is applied to the skin and the cloth wax strips are then removed quickly.
Hot wax – is suitable for sensitive parts of the body ie the face and bikini. A protective layer of oil is used on the skin before the wax is applied this creates a barrier preventing the wax sticking to the skin. As the wax cools it shrink wraps around the hairs and is then removed quickly removed. The heat from the wax relaxes the small opening of the hair follicle on the face and allows a more comfortable wax. For this reason, the skin is less irritated afterwards. We always use this type of wax when waxing facial hair.

Is waxing safe?


Yes, waxing is a very safe procedure if carried out by a trained waxing specialist.

Some things to look out for are as follows:

  •  No double dipping policy – this means that the therapist dips the waxing spatula into the wax once applies the wax to your skin and repeats this using a brand new spatula. This prevents any cross contamination of any kind and ensures a safe and hygienic wax.
  • Quality of wax used – Hot wax is the best option for all facial waxing treatments. Pre wax oil creates a barrier between you wax and skin preventing wax sticking to your skin. Although you may experience some redness on the skin after facial waxing this normally subsides within a few hours.
  • Aftercare – It is important to follow aftercare instructions given to you by your waxing specialist. This minimises the potential risk of breakouts or prolonged skin irritation from waxing.

How often will I need to wax my facial hair?


You will need to wax your face approximately every 4-6 weeks. However this depends on the rate in which your hair grows. Each body area has a different growth cycle rate.  Facial hair has the fastest growth and this is why this areas will need to be maintained more frequently. In most cases waxing will be needed every 4-8 weeks for the rest of your life. Results from this treatment are very short term.

How laser hair removal can give you long lasting results?

Laser hair removal will give you a permanent reduction in growth. You will notice a reduction even after just one session. Hair that are thick and coarse reduce the quickest. Finer dark hairs may take more time. You will notice that over time hairs will be finer and lighter in texture so you will not feel rough stubble after a few sessions. Most women would need a full course of 6-10+ treatments on their face. In addition top ups 2-3 a year on this area after this. Top ups can vary if you have an underlying medical issue which causes your hair to growth i.e PCOS. Without doubt laser hair removal is the best way to remove facial hair.


Urbana laser hair removal consultation

Laser hair removal can offer life changing results. If you are having are having issues with your skin because of waxing facial hair this their is a solution. Our therapists only perform laser treatments. They treat 100’s of women who are experiencing the same issue as you so please don’t be embarrassed. They are caring and passionate about what they do and will work along side you to get the best possible result so you can regain your confidence. We will offer you honest advise in relation to your treatments and be upfront about what results you can expect.  Contact us today to book your free consultation.



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