Top 5 benefits of laser hair removal on the face
Facial Hair Removal | 28 January 2020

5 Benefits of laser hair removal on the face

For some women dealing with facial hair can be quite upsetting. Daily shaving and maintenance can take a toll on the delicate skin in this area. Sporadic hairs can be bothersome. For others who experience larger areas of growth, it can cause distress. Constantly shaving, plucking or waxing on the face can lead to breakouts. It’s inevitable at some stage you will experience this. This need to perform so much maintenance will decrease after 2-3 sessions of laser hair removal. For this reason, laser hair removal is a much better option for you. Laser will leave your skin feeling and looking clearer and smoother for longer. There are many benefits of laser hair removal on the face, discover our top 5.


Top 5 benefits of facial laser hair removal

No more ingrown hairs

No more ingrown hairs

Firstly, coarse hairs around the lip and chin areas can become ingrown over time. This may lead to painful bumps on your skin that can lead to scarring if they become infected. Laser prevents hair becoming ingrown over time.

Hair free all of the time

Secondly, you can remove your hair by shaving or using hair removal cream the whole way through your course of laser treatment. You don’t need to let your hair grow like waxing, threading or epilating. You can be hair free all of the time.

Make up goes on easier after laser

Make up goes on better

Thirdly, after a few sessions of laser hair removal, your follicles will shrink and your hair will become much lighter and finer. This leaves your skin feeling smoother and less irritated. When you apply foundation or powder to a smoother surface it won’t settle on your pores like before.

feel more confident after laser hair removal on lower arm

You won’t feel like hiding your face anymore

Fourthly, if facial hair growth is very obvious, it may cause you to feel embarrassed. You may wear scarves or heavy make up to try to disguise it. After laser you won’t need to do these things. It will allow you to just be yourself without worrying if someone will notice.

More self confidence

Most importantly, laser hair removal treatments and their effect on facial hair is nothing short of life-changing. For women, facial hair can be a very embarrassing and stressful condition to deal with.

Let’s be honest, no woman wants to shave or pluck facial hair on a long-term basis.  Laser is the best option when dealing with this problem because it will effectively treat thick, dark facial hair.

If you have excess facial hair that upsets you, why wait? In just a few short sessions this life changing treatment can improve things for you.

Start your journey today, there is a solution to your problem and laser is it. As you can see from our top 5 benefits of laser hair removal on the face this treatment can dramatically improve your confidence. 

Urbana laser hair removal consultation

Our friendly team of therapists will put you at ease as soon as you meet them. Our consultations are free and take about 30 minutes. We will talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We will also patch-test your face so you can feel the sensation from the laser. You will be surprised at just how easy laser hair removal for the face is. Start to reap the benefits of this amazing treatment today. Contact us now to book your consultation

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