Top 5 benefits of laser hair removal on the underarm
Laser Hair Removal | 6 January 2020

Top 5 benefits to underarm laser hair removal

Do you do shave your underarm only for it to grow back a few hours later? If so then laser is for you. Having to constantly shave this very sensitive area can leave your skin feeling irritated and sore. You will notice a visible difference in growth after just one treatment of laser hair removal with us and results will continue to improve after each and every session as you progress through your course. There are many benefits to laser hair removal on the underarm, here are the top 5 our clients mention after treatment. 

Underarm hair is generally thicker and tends to be darker in colour, this is the perfect type of hair for laser. Some people will experience issues like ingrown hairs, shaving rash and irritation in this area and laser hair removal on the underarm will really help improve these issues.

Our top 5

dark shadow from hair will begin to dissapear

Dark shadow disappears

As your hair begins to reduce skin will regenerate and becomes softer and over time any appearance of a dark shadow in this area will become less obvious. 

wear short sleeves after lower arm laser hair removal

Wear tank tops/vests

Wear what you want, when you want. You won’t have to limit your wardrobe choices especially during the summer months. 

You won't have to shave daily after laser

Daily shaving stops

Save on time, there will be no need to shave this area on a daily basis. After 2-3 sessions of laser you may only need to shave once in 6 weeks. Out of the all the top 5 benefits to laser hair removal this is definitely the number 1. 

benefits on laser hair removal on the underarm gym ready all of the time

Gym ready all the time

Have the confidence to go to the gym when you want and do any exercise without feeling self-conscious.

fake tan gets easier to apply after laser

Fake tan won't settle in your pores

After a few sessions of laser the size of your follicles will reduce after your hair has thinned out. Fake tan won’t settle around your hairs and it will last longer on your skin.

There are so many more benefits to having laser hair removal on your underarm, this treatment also reduces ingrown hairs and eradicates shaving rash in just a few sessions. The top 5 benefits of laser hair removal on the underarm above definitely make life a little easier on a daily basis.

If laser sounds like it’s for you, why not contact us to find out more. Our consultations are free of charge and our friendly consultants can chat to you about treatment. They will also do a patch test on your underarm so you can feel the sensation of the laser yourself, you’ll be surprised at just how comfortable it is.