Before Laser Treatment | 21 August 2019

Shaving For Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

A close shave for Brazilian laser hair removal is essential to ensure a safe, comfortable and effective result from your laser treatments.

By following these steps you will achieve the perfect shave before each and every one of your treatments.

  • Lightly exfoliate 3-4 days before your session
  • Shave the day/night before your treatment, do NOT shave on the day of your treatment
  • Do not dry shave this area
  • Allocate some time to do this properly, take your time, do not rush
  • Use light pressure when passing the razor over the skin
  • Do not over shave this area (pass the razor multiple times over the same section of skin)
  • Choose non-perfumed shaving/cleansing products
  • Choose a shaving product that is clear in colour like a shaving oil as this will allow you to see exactly where you are shaving
  • Use a pH balanced feminine foaming wash afterwards to ensure all residue of the shaving oil has been removed
  • Ensure you have a clean, sharp razor each time you shave
  • Start in sections, do the top section first, then the sides and then the labia and bum
  • If your hair is long, trim with a scissors before using a razor

It is very difficult to do this properly in a shower with running water so we would recommend you kneel in the bath tub ½ full with water (so that your bikini area is not immersed in the water) or stand in front of your sink in the bathroom or alternatively if you have a mirror is in your bedroom use 2 basins of luke warm water, one basin to rinse your blade and one to store a clean luke warm flannel.

How to shave your Brazilian/Hollywood bikini line

Top Tips on how to shave your Brazilian/Hollywood before laser

  • Stand face on looking into a mirror (ensure you have full view of your bikini area) if you are shaving in the bath do this before you get in. Using a white Kohl pencil (eye pencil) on dry skin draw lines to form the shape of the piece of hair you want to leave for your Brazilian.
  • Don’t worry if you make a mistake, this can be removed as many times as it takes to get the perfect shape. Make sure you draw a defined line and go over the line a few times with the pencil to ensure it stays put.
  • Dampen the skin on top of your bikini with water and apply a small amount of shaving oil to the skin avoiding the areas where your white pencil marks are. If you are using a white shaving foam it’s a little difficult to see the white lines of your pencil so a product that is clear in colour is better.
  • Working from the outside in towards the lines you have drawn shave lightly and rinse your blade often to ensure you are removing hairs with one pass of your razor so that you are no over shaving the area.
  • Take your time when doing this to make sure you achieve a defined line that will be left after your laser treatment.
  • When you are finished and are happy with your shape remove the shaving oil and white pencil lines from this area with a clean luke warm flannel.
  • Apply shaving oil to the outer side sections (thigh area) of your bikini, do one side first and shave all the way up to your labia. Repeat on the other side and remove the excess shaving oil with a clean luke warm flannel.
  • Apply shaving oil to the labia area and elevate your foot on the side of a bath/bed etc. Working from the outer section of the outer labia lightly pass the razor over your skin, stretch the skin as much as possible to expose as much of this labia area as you can, with light pressure begin to shave this area. When all hair has been removed stretch the outer labia out to expose the inner labia, ensure you have enough shaving product on the skin and again lightly pass the razor over the skin to gently remove the skin in this area. Work from the outer labia into the inner labia and take your time making sure to stretch the skin as much as possible. Remove all excess shaving oil from this area with a clean luke warm flannel.

How to shave your bum

Follow these steps to safely shave hair from your bum

  • Always shave your bum AFTER you have shaved your bikini and labia sections
  • Apply shaving oil to the area, the best way to remove hair here is to do a squat (you might want to make sure the bathroom/bedroom door is locked for this one)
  • Place a small mirror on the floor so that you can see what you are doing
  • Working from the outside in pass the razor lightly over the skin rinsing your razor regularly to remove excess hairs.
  • Use light pressure especially around the peri anal area
  • When you have finished remove all excess shaving oil with a clean luke warm flannel.

When you have fully shaved the area step into the shower or dip into the bath and use a special formulated pH balanced feminine foaming wash on your whole bikini area. Use lukewarm water as your skin will be slightly sensitive after your shave. When you have finished apply a splash of cold water on this area to tighten your pores. If skin is a little irritated after your shave apply 100% Aloe Vera gel to the area to soothe skin. Do not use any moisturisers, lotions, creams or oils on your skin before your laser treatment.

If you nick your skin with the razor don’t panic, remove all of the shaving product and place a small piece of tissue over the area until it has stopped bleeding. Ensure the area is kept clean and if necessary apply a very small amount of a natural antiseptic like Tea Tree oil on a cotton bud to the area. Please be careful to use this just on the area and do not apply this all over this very sensitive part of your body. If you take our time and stretch the skin when shaving this should not happen.

The most important thing to remember is to take your time, if you rush you will inevitably nick your skin with the razor blade. If you attend for you laser session with nicks and cuts on your Brazilian area your therapist will have to avoid these areas with the laser.

If you would like some more information about laser hair removal for the Brazilian area please contact us to arrange a FREE 30 minute consultation with one of our laser hair removal specialists.

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