Epilator for facial hair
Facial Hair Removal | 20 August 2019

Epilator for facial hair removal

Epilators, if used correctly for facial hair removal are a very effective way of removing unwanted hair:

Some of the benefits of using an epilator for facial hair removal are as follows

  • Very cost-effective method of hair removal
  • Removes all types of hairs on the face
  • Immediate results from treatment
  • May reduce hair growth over time
  • Treatment can be done at home

Downsides of using an Epilator are

  • Quite painful to use especially on the upper lip
  • Can cause ingrown hairs
  • Very short-term results
  • Skin can be prone to breakouts after using this
  • Can pinch the skin if not used correctly
  • You have to let your hair grow

How does an Epilator work?

An epilator works by removing numerous hairs at the same time. It is a small handheld electrical hair removal device that uses three different mechanisms:

  • Coil spring
  • Tweezers
  • Rotating discs

The machine is placed on the skin and is moved slowly removing hairs as it moves, plucking them out and damaging but not removing hair follicles. These handheld machines come in various sizes. It is important to use one with a small rotator head when treating the facial area. The contours of the face are quite small. For this reason, it’s important to use an epilator that will fit into these small areas. This will prevent the skin from being pinched or damaged when using it.

Are Epilators safe to use on your face?

Epilators are safe to use on your face but need to be used with caution.  The skin on the face can be quite fragile so it is important that you are using these correctly, especially if you have sensitive skin.  Otherwise, you may experience ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Some Epilators are too big to use on the facial area. If you are going to invest in an epilator opt for one with a small rotator head or one which has different size attachment heads.

Practice using the epilator on a section of your leg or arm before using it on your face. Firstly, this will allow you to become comfortable using the machine before putting it near your face. Secondly, it also allows you to become familiar with the correct speed to move the epilator. And finally, it helps to show you how much pressure to apply on the skin. Look for one that will allow you to control the speed of the rotator head too. Some areas on your face will be more sensitive especially under your nose so you might want to go slower here.

Doing a small patch test and leaving the skin for 24 hours is also a good idea. Your skin might react adversely to using one of these machines. It is really important to clean your epilator after every use. Use an alcohol-based cleaner and dry epilator blades after use. Disinfect all sections to avoid infections occurring especially when using this on your face.

How often will I need to use an epilator for facial hair removal?

Once in a 2-week period is recommended for beginners first using facial epilators. This will extend out to once a month once hair growth is under control. Epilating frequently to start allows you to get used to the sensation of the machine. It also means that as you will be removing shorter facial hair there will be less tugging on your skin. It is important to stretch the skin when possible as this will help to minimise the pinchy sensation. It’s best to prepare your skin a few days in advance. Lightly exfoliate the area to free any debris from the skin that may cause ingrown hairs to form. Keep skin hydrated in the days leading up to using your epilator. Keep the treated area free from makeup and other facial products for 24 hours after epilating. Avoid clogging the pores at this stage as this may lead to breakouts.

We would recommend using Aloe Vera on the treated area after epilating. It’s best to store this in the fridge for added cooling benefits. Aloe Vera is great for soothing and calming the skin and helps to reduce any redness.

Results from using an epilator for facial hair removal will be very short-term, these devices can be very tricky to use on the face. Most people will find them very painful and tedious to use as you need to move them slowly across the skin for them to work properly.

Why is laser hair removal a better option for facial hair?

If you are tired of constantly having to let your hair grow so that you can use a facial epilator laser hair removal may be the long-term solution to this problem you have been searching for.  It’s important to note that laser will only work on hairs that are mid-brown to black in color. White, red, grey, and blond hairs will not respond to laser treatment. If your hairs are suitable you will begin to see results after your first session. You will notice your skin’s texture and overall appearance improve over time. Clients who we have treated in the past notice things like their makeup sitting better on their now-smooth skin or if they apply fake tan to the facial area it lasts longer.

The most noticeable difference, however, is that their self-confidence takes a huge boost. They no longer feel the need to cover their face,

They don’t need to hide anymore.

And that’s why laser is one of the most popular hair removal methods.

We understand that you may feel a little nervous about speaking to someone about this but please don’t be. Our friendly team are on hand to chat with you about any concerns you may have. All of our therapists are dedicated laser hair removal specialists and they perform laser hair removal on the face every day. They will ensure all your treatments are safe and effective.We will personalise a treatment plan that works for you so get best results possible.

Urbana laser hair removal consultation


If you would like to speak to one of our consultants about our laser treatments for the facial area please do not hesitate to contact us. Our laser consultations are completely free of charge and take about 30 mins, contact us today.


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