It is not advised to take Ibuprofen before laser hair removal
Before Laser Treatment | 17 August 2019

Can I take Ibuprofen before laser hair removal?

We would recommend that you do not take Ibuprofen before your laser hair removal session. There is a possibility that this medication may cause bruising after your treatment. We would ask that you stop taking any products containing Ibuprofen 48 hours before your session. This time will allow the body to flush out this medication so that it won’t affect the outcome of your treatment. If you experience bruising after laser please know that this is a very temporary reaction. Your skin will return to normal after a few days. We would recommend lightly massaging the area using Arnica cream a few days after to treatment to help with this.

Please remember to

Ibuprofen before laser hair removal

Medication and laser hair removal

Some medications may cause your skin to become photosensitive. This basically means if you are taking them your skin will be sensitive to light. As we are using light and heat when we are performing laser it is important that we are careful.  If you are taking medications that may cause photosensitivity laser may result in pigmentation on your skin.

Most medications that are taken to treat Acne cause photosensitivity so it is not possible to have laser while taking these. There are recommended time frames that you would have to wait until before treatment. To find out more about laser if you are taking medication please contact us. Let us know the name of the medication you are taking so that we can advise you on how long you would need to wait. It is super important that all medications are disclosed to us so that we can safely and effectively perform your treatments.

Just to recap we do not recommend you take Ibuprofen before laser hair removal as it may lead to bruising.

If you have any questions or are concerned about any medications you may be taking contact our friendly team.  All medications must be checked beforehand to ensure they are safe. Your safety is our number one priority and we will never take risks with your skin.


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