laser is the best way to treat facial hair
Before Laser Treatment | 16 August 2019

Why is laser hair removal the best way to remove facial hair?

Laser is the best way to remove facial hair because of the following

  • Clinically proven to reduce facial hair
  • Provides a long term reduction in hair growth
  • Reduces hair quickly even after your first session
  • Targets finer hairs (dark pigmented hairs only)
  • Treatments are safe
  • Minimum impact on skin, unlike waxing/threading where skin is pulled/tugged


It is important to note that laser DOES NOT work on red, blond or grey hair. As there is no pigment present in these hairs laser has nothing to target so it will not work. If there is a mixture of light and dark hairs in an area the laser will only target the darker ones and the lighter ones will remain.


How does laser hair removal for facial hair work?


Laser emits energy in the form of light, this light is absorbed by melanin (dark pigment in your hair) and converts to heat.  Heat travels down to the base of the hair where the root/bulb is situated. Here it destroys the interconnecting cells that connect the hair root to the blood supply that nourishes it. These are tiny structures and therefore laser will not harm the surrounding skin. Facial hair can vary greatly from person to person.  Due to the amount of melanin in coarse, dark, robust hairs these will reduce quickest. Finer, mid brown hairs may take more sessions to reduce. Facial hair can develop for a number of reasons. Hormone fluctuations, underlying medical conditions or hereditary factors can cause this. If hair growth is due to of any of these issues treatment may take more sessions.  Top up treatments are required to maintain your results.

Is laser hair removal on the face safe?


Laser is a completely safe procedure and has been used since the early 90’s.  In this time frame countless clinical studies have been carried out to ensure this treatment is safe. Providing all the pre and after care requirements have been followed correctly laser is a very safe treatment.  Sun exposure can cause issues when you are undergoing a course of treatment. We recommend clients keep their skin out of the sun and wear a high quality SPF50 for duration of their treatment course. Laser will absorb into specific structures that only contain dark pigment. Laser hair removal for facial hair gives excellent results in just a few short sessions.

Our lasers are FDA approved and have undergone rigorous clinical testing to deem them safe. As well as that they are scientifically proven to be effective at permanently reducing hair. For this reason our lasers are safe to treat ALL skin types regardless of colour. We treat pale skin and dark skin with different wavelenghts of laser. Alexandrite is used for pale skin and Nd:YAG is used for pale skin. The YAG targets the hair differently in that the blood supply to the hair is targeted by the laser. Equally they give give great results after a course of treatment.


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Number of laser needed to treat facial hair successfully


6-10+ sessions are needed to achieve approx 60-80%+ reduction in facial hair. 2-4 Maintenance/Top up sessions are needed each year. This is a generalized estimate and can change due to factors like hormonal conditions, darker skin types, genetics etc.

We don’t believe in asking anyone to believe into the ‘buy 6 sessions you’ll never have a blade of hair anywhere on your body for the rest of your life’ dream. That would be totally unfair, it is important that you know the honest truth about what can realistically be achieved with laser. Throughout our 10 years of performing laser treatment we have never treated anyone who did not need top ups for the facial area after their initial course. To receive 100% permanent hair removal from every follicle on the face would be impossible even when using medical grade lasers.


Urbana laser hair removal consultation


Laser hair removal can dramatically reduce excess facial hair in just a few sessions. We perform treatments on 100’s of women experiencing the same problem as you do every day of the week. It’s important for you to know are not on your own. Our consultants have so much experience in dealing with facial hair.  Besides this will give you honest advice and guide you on the best possible treatment plan to get the results you need.  To talk to one of our consultants please contact our clinic today to get your free consultation and expert advice on how you can treat excess facial hair.

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