Bikini Hair Removal | 7 March 2020

Can you have laser on your bikini when you are using tampons?

Absolutely, it is completely fine to have laser on your bikini area when you are using tampons. 

Periods are part of normal life and they can come when you least expect them to. This is fine and you do not have to cancel your laser hair removal session because of this reason. If you are a little sensitive when you have your period just mention this to your therapist. They will be sure to adjust things for you during your session so that you are comfortable.

During treatment you may feel the heat from the laser is a little more intense in places. Please do not hesitate to explain this to your therapist on the day so they can make you more comfortable if you need it.

For hygiene purposes we would be unable to perform a Brazilian or Hollywood treatment when you are wearing a sanitary towel but it is fine to have a basic or Californian bikini treatment if you are wearing a pad. 


Can you have laser on your bikini when you are using tampons?

We do laser all day every day, please don’t be embarrassed to come in to see us if you are wearing a tampon, being a dedicated hair removal clinic we really deal with this all of the time.  Having laser on your bikini line when you are using tampons is no big deal and it’s not something you ever need to worry about when you come to see us for treatment. 


We ask you to wear a tampon for extended bikini treatments

If you have any questions or are unsure about anything please contact us here and one of our therapists can chat to you about it. 


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