Can dry skin cause issues with laser hair removal
During laser treatment | 26 February 2020

Can dry skin cause issues when having laser?

Having very dry skin in your treatment area may cause issues during and after your laser hair removal treatment. As we are using high levels of heat and energy it’s important that your skin is healthy, hydrated and strong enough to tolerate the impact that this heat will have. 

Effects of laser on dry skin compared to healthy skin

When skin becomes dry and dehydrated it forms a layer on the top surface of the skin. Its rough to the touch and dead skin cells clog together and it looks flaky.

When we perform laser treatment our main aim is to target as much heat as possible deep into the follicle to disable it. However, if the pathway is blocked by layers of dead skin cells, only a certain amount of this heat will reach its target. Thus making treatment less effective.

This layer of debris can also cause the laser to spark when it is moving on the surface of the skin. It occurs when the laser is connecting to this dry skin during treatment. This may cause the skin to remain sensitive for a longer period afterwards but will not cause any long term damage to your skin.


Laser on healthy skin and on dry skin



Exfoliate regularly to keep your skin in the perfect condition for laser

We would recommend lightly exfoliating 2-3 times a week and using a moisturiser afterwards. This will help keep your skin well hydrated. A light sugar scrub or exfoliating mitts are perfect to use for this. Apply your moisturiser directly after your shower or bath to keep skin hydrated. 


Exfoliating tips for laser hair removal


We are always looking for ways to avoid any potential unnecessary irritation after treatment. By keeping your skin exfoliated and well hydrated in between your sessions you lessen the likelihood of any complications.

Light exfoliation performed regularly is better than a very heavy handed approach just before your laser session is due. If you remove too much skin just before your laser session by being too rough with your skin, this could also cause unnecessary complications. 

Having dry skin doesn’t prevent you from having laser hair removal. However, having dry skin may cause adverse issues when having laser hair removal treatment. If your skin is dry it can cause temporary issues with laser hair removal treatment. We are always trying to avoid skin reactions.

If you have any concerns about your skin before you start why not book a free consultation. Speak with one of our consultants who will advise you on how to look after your skin before and during your treatments.