Can I have laser hair removal when I have my period?
Before Laser Treatment | 5 December 2019

Can I have laser hair removal when I have my period?

Yes, you can have laser hair removal when you have your period. 

If you are having treatment on the extended bikini area, we would ask you to use a tampon for hygiene purposes. If you don’t use tampons we would ask that you reschedule your treatment until after your period has finished. All other areas are fine to treat as normal and this will not affect your treatment. 

Please use a tampon if having laser on the bikini area

Some clients may find laser slightly more painful if a session is during the week before their period is due. These clients may choose to schedule their appointment after their period has finished. This completely varies from person to person, so please let us know and we will schedule your treatments around times and dates that suit you.

You also may notice that your skin may be a little sensitive around the time of your period. Some clients notice that the temporary side effects of laser i.e. redness or slight swellings around the hair follicles may last a little longer. These effects generally subside over 24-48 hours. 

Please don’t be embarrassed to contact us with any questions about this. Being a dedicated hair removal clinic, this is a very common occurrence. There is no need for you to feel uncomfortable in any way. Having your period should not interfere with your laser hair removal treatment.

However, if you would prefer to rearrange your appointment just let us know and we can book you in. It is so important to us that you feel absolutely at ease when you are having treatments with us. 

If you have any further questions, please contact one of our hair removal specialists in Dublin or Drogheda, who would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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