Can you wax during a course of laser treatment
During laser treatment | 1 December 2019

Can you wax while having laser hair removal?

No, we recommend you stop waxing at least 4 weeks before your first session of laser hair removal.

For laser hair removal to work, your follicles must contain hair. Waxing removes the entire hair from the follicle. If you were to wax and remove all your hair, then laser treatment would be completely ineffective.

Excess hair on the surface of the skin must be removed before each session. We recommend you only shave or use hair removal cream to remove this. 

If you are thinking about starting a course of laser hair removal, it’s best to stop waxing, plucking or epilating 4-6 weeks before your first session. All of these methods remove the entire hair from the follicle. 

Can you wax while having laser hair removal

For the duration of your course, we would recommend you shave 24 hours before or use hair removal cream 48 hours before each one of your sessions. 

Can you wax while having laser hair removal


Can I wax after my laser hair removal treatment?

At the end of your course you may notice some fine blond hairs left in your treatment area. These hairs are fine to wax if needed. As laser does not respond to blond, grey or red hairs these hairs will remain after a full course of treatment. For the majority of people any light fluffy regrowth that may remain can simply be shaved every once in a while or maintained by waxing. We recommend that if this growth is brown or black that you have a maintenance laser session to reduce it. 

Can you wax while having laser

We always advise doing 2-3 top ups a year in order to maintain your results. However, this depends on the person and some people may need more. When you have a course of laser hair removal with us we will assess your results along the way. We will also advise on top ups and let you know when you may need them. 

Laser hair removal gives much longer-lasting results than waxing. Over time strong stubborn hair reduces and issues like ingrown hairs or irritated skin are a thing of the past.

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