Laser hair removal for bikini line
Bikini Hair Removal | 19 May 2021

How does laser hair removal work on the bikini line?

Laser hair removal works on the bikini line by using a combination of light and heat to target hair follicles. Different skin types require different wavelengths of laser. For pale/med skin tones an alexandrite laser is used. Alexandrite laser delivers high intensity pulses of light into the skin to target hairs. This laser relies on the contrast between light skin and dark hair to work. It is not suitable for dark skin types as it delivers heat too intensely into the skin. An Nd:Yag is used to treat darker skin tones safely. This laser targets the blood supply that is connected to the hair root in order to disable it. It absorbs poorly into melanin so the skin will be safe during treatment. 

How laser treats different skin types


Some women have different skin tones on the bikini area so a combination of the two wavelengths may be needed during treatment.  Before you start your course of treatment it’s important to find out how does laser hair removal work on the bikini line. When you know all the relevant information it will ensure you get the very best from each and every one of your sessions. 


Reasons to have laser hair removal on the bikini line

There are many different reasons why women choose to have laser hair removal on the bikini line.  Hair on the bikini area can be hard to maintain. Hairs here are generally thick, coarse, and are dark in colour. This can lead to issues when shaving, waxing, or using other methods of hair removal. Ingrown hairs and shaving rash are common issues in this area. Shaving can also be very difficult and regrowth can be quite uncomfortable in some areas. Results from shaving and waxing can be very short-term also. Some women may have to shave this area daily leaving skin feeling rough and irritated.

Our top 3 reasons

Laser hair removal is clinically proven to reduce hair growth. After just a few sessions issues like ingrown hairs and shaving rash improve. Hairs become finer and lighter and are therefore easier to maintain. The need to shave daily in order to maintain the bikini area also diminishes after a few sessions. In between laser sessions, you may only have to shave your bikini area 1-2 in a 6 week period.

Hygiene is also another reason why women choose laser hair removal on the bikini line.  When hair is removed this may help keep the bikini area feel fresher for longer when less hair is present.

Ingrown hairs and irritated skin on the bikini area may leave you feeling self-conscious. You may be put off doing some activities like swimming, going for spa treatments or even going on holiday. When hair reduces after laser and these issues disappear leaving you to do what you want, when you want.


Benefits of bikini line laser hair removal

There are so many benefits to having laser hair removal on your bikini line, here are our top 5

  • No more ingrown hairs
  • No need to let bikini hair grow in order to wax it
  • Longer hair-free periods especially on holiday
  • Go swimming whenever you want
  • Softer less irritated skin in this sensitive area

What areas of the bikini are suitable for laser treatment?

All areas of the bikini line are suitable for laser hair removal. Navel, top, sides, labia, perianal and buttock area. Some women may have quite an extended bikini line while others have very little. It is common for hair to extend right out onto the outer and inner thigh area. Hair may also grow on the entire buttock area. It’s also normal to have hair right up on the abdomen area and the full buttocks also. Hair in all of these areas are treatable with laser if they are dark in colour.  Our therapists are warm, friendly, discreet and professional, they will put you at ease during treatment.


What does a Hollywood bikini look like?

Is laser hair removal painful on the bikini line?

Laser hair removal should never be painful on the bikini line. It may feel slightly uncomfortable in places at the start of a course when the hairs are thick. After 2-3 sessions hairs will begin to reduce and treatments will feel much more comfortable. Treatment is performed at a slow pace to keep you relaxed. If laser hair removal is hurting you should inform your therapist straight away. Our therapists will regularly check comfort levels during treatment. Our lasers are equipped with coolers that deliver a jet of cool air during treatment. This will also help treatment feel much more comfortable.


How long does each session of bikini line laser take?

It takes approx 20 minutes to perform an extended bikini line laser session. A basic bikini takes approx 10 mins.  We don’t rush treatments, we take our time so you don’t waste yours. If laser is rushed there is a chance areas will be missed. This is a sensitive area so it’s essential time is given so you can feel relaxed. We work slowly over the more sensitive areas so you get through treatment with ease. 


Why are so many sessions of laser hair removal needed for the bikini line?

So many sessions of laser hair removal are needed for bikini line because hair here tends to be thick and growth more dense. This area is also very sensitive so care must be taken. At the start of a course when hairs are thick settings on the laser may need to be lower. Over time these settings can be increased inline with how someone is tolerating treatment. 

You will see growth on the top, sides and bum area reduce first. Hairs on the labia and bum may need more sessions. Results on this area will also need to be maintained. 2-3 top ups a year may be needed. If you have any underlying health or hormonal issues you may require more sessions to see results. 

How many sessions of laser hair removal are needed for a full course on the bikini?

How many sessions you will need for a full course on the bikini will depend on a number of factors. Hair colour, skin colour, heat sensitivity, genetics, underlying health/hormonal issues are the main ones. For most people 6-10+ treatments will be needed for the bikini area. However, some people will need more than this. If you have an underlying health or hormonal issue this can impact on your results. Some hormonal conditions can cause hair to growth. PCOS is a very common condition that can cause excess growth. More sessions will be needed in order to see a reduction if you have this condition. You may also need top up’s more frequently. However, results that can be achieved from laser can be life changing. 


Is everyone suitable for bikini line laser hair removal?

No, not everyone is suitable for laser hair removal on the bikini line. Hair in this area must be brown or black in colour for laser to work. Blond, red, white or grey hairs will not work. All skin types are suitable for laser hair removal. We use Alexandrite laser for pale/medium skin types and Nd:Yag for darker skin types.  Certain medical conditions are also not suitable for treatment for example cancer or lupus are just a few. Some medications are also not suitable for treatment. Any medications that cause the skin to become photosensitive (sensitive to light) are not suitable. If you have any medical condition or are taking any medications you would like us to check please feel free to contact us. 


What laser hair removal bikini line styles can I choose from?

There are lots of different bikini line styles to choose from with laser hair removal. The most popular styles are the Brazilian and Hollywood. For both these styles the majority of hair is removed from the bikini area. The Brazilian leaves a small strip of hair at the front of the bikini. Hair from the top, sides, labia and bum area is removed. Hollywood leaves the entire bikini area totally smooth. We would recommend choosing a style that’s right for you. Not everyone will want to remove the majority of hair in the bikini line area. Other styles to choose from are basic, Californian and thong. In terms of shape we recommend you shave in the shape you want to leave and we will laser around this for you. 


What results can I expect from laser hair removal on the bikini line? 

You can expect to see results from laser hair removal quite quickly. Hair in this area tends to be perfect for laser. At the start of a course, hair will begin to reduce after the first few sessions. Hair becomes finer, lighter, is easier to manage and will need less maintenance after these first few sessions. You may only need to shave once in a 6 week period after your 3rd session of laser. Hair on the labia and bum may be slightly slower to reduce initially. Hair tends to be a little more resilient here but will reduce well over the duration of your course. 

How much does bikini laser hair removal cost?

It cost’s €63 to have any style of bikini line laser hair removal with us. There are no hidden cost’s. Areas included for this price are ab line, top section, sides, labia, bum and peri-anal. 

Be cautious of hidden extras when pricing around for your bikini area. 


Are all skin types and hair types suitable for bikini laser hair removal?

Yes, all skin types are suitable for laser hair removal.  Skin types 1-3 are treated using an Alexandrite laser and skin types 4-6 are treated using Nd:Yag laser. All areas are patch tested before you start a course of treatment. This is to ensure your treatment will be safe and effective. 

fitzpatrick skin colour scale

Is laser hair removal permanent on the bikini line?

No, results from laser hair removal on your bikini line will not be 100% permanent for the rest of your life. Maintenance sessions will be needed from time to time to hold your reduction. The majority of people will achieve approximately 80-85% reduction in growth after a course of 8-10+ treatments. The 15-20% of remaining hairs will need further treatments in order to target them. It is not uncommon to see more regrowth on the labia and bum areas after a full course. Regular tops ups will hold your reduction and will continue to reduce these hairs. Most people will need 2-3 top ups a year. If you have an underlying medical/hormonal issue you may need more sessions in order to achieve results. 


Come talk to us about bikini line laser hair removal

Is laser hair removal safe on the bikini line?

Yes, laser hair removal is safe on the bikini line. The lasers we use in our clinics are FDA-approved medical devices. They are fully serviced and maintained in order to deliver safe and effective treatments. Before you start with us we insist on a consultation and patch test. It’s important to us that you are fully informed before you start. On consultation, we will discuss any issues you may have in relation to any health/hormonal issues. We fully explain how this may impact on your course of treatment. An assessment will be performed on your treatment area to make sure you are suitable for treatment.

A patch test will also be performed on your treatment area. Laser delivers intense pulses of light into the skin so it is vital your skin is tested in order to avoid a potential reaction. This patch test will also allow you to feel the sensation of laser before you start. This will make you feel more relaxed before your first session as you will know what to expect. 

food and drug administration


Our dedicated team of therapists perform laser treatments all day, every day. They will ensure your comfort and safety at all times through your course.

How long does it take to complete a full course of treatment on the bikini line?

It may take 12-15 months to complete a full course of treatment on the bikini line. Sessions on the bikini line are performed every 6-7 weeks initially.  We would always recommend doing at least 6 sessions at this interval. Depending on results sessions may be extended after this time.  If you leave extended time frames in between your sessions this will increase the time line of your course. Regular treatments are needed in order to successfully treat hair growth cycles. If you go on holiday and tan your skin during your course you may need to wait an extended period in order for your tan to fade. This will also extend the time it will take to complete a full course. 


How long is needed in between laser sessions of bikini?

At the start of a course treatments are needed every 6-7 weeks. It is important to keep to these timeframes in order to target hair growth cycles effectively. There are 3 hair growth cycles anagen, catagen and telogen. Laser will only be effective when hair is in an active growth phase called the anagen stage. If hairs are in the other 2 stages of growth, laser will not be effective as they are not connected to the blood supply. Laser will have no effect on the hairs that are in the telogen and catagen phases.  Approximately 20% of hairs are in the anagen stage on the bikini line at any one stage. This means that per session approximately 20% of hairs can be treated.

However, as these percentages can vary from person to person on a given day this is just a guideline. By keeping to the guidelines set out by your laser specialist you increase the success rate of your treatment course. 

How to prepare for bikini line laser hair removal treatment?

There a few simple steps you need to take in order to prepare for your bikini line laser hair removal treatment. Following these easy steps will mean your treatment will be safe and effective. Before your session all hair you want removed from your bikini line must be removed. Please do not shave on the morning of your treatment as this may lead to issues after laser. Shaving can lead to irritation as layers of skin may be removed in this process. Performing laser on freshly shaved skin should be avoided. During treatment, pulses of laser energy are delivered into the skin. If the skin is compromised in anyway this can lead to a reaction occurring.


4-6 weeks before your session is due 


  • Do not expose your skin to sun/sunbeds
  • Do not pluck, wax or epilate hairs in the treatment area
  • Lightly exfoliate skin 2-3 times a week
  • Apply moisturiser to hydrate skin after you exfoliate


What to do while shaving Brazilian bikini for laser hair removal


Day before 


  • Shave 24 hours before you session is due
  • Do not dry shave your bikini line
  • Use a shaving medium i.e. shaving foam, cream
  • Shave lightly and remove hair in the treatment area depending on the bikini line style you want
  • Do not apply any oils, creams, moisturisers to your treatment area
  • Do not take any new medications
  • Wear 100% cotton underwear


Why is a consultation necessary before you start a course of bikini treatment?

A consultation and patch test is the most important part of your treatment course. During a consultation we assess your hair type, run through your medical history and discuss any concerns you may have. Laser is a commitment and the whole process itself can take a number of months to complete. It’s vital you get off to a good start and know what to expect throughout your treatment course. During your consultation you will find out how does laser hair removal work on the bikini line for your skin type. The number of sessions you may need, your timeline for these treatments and what you can expect. 

Why do you need a patch test on the bikini area?

A patch test is also essential to ensure the safety of your skin.  Laser delivers tiny pulses of heat to target hairs. When we patch test we treat a small section of your skin with laser. A setting is selected based on the colour of your skin and hair.  The density of the hair is also factored in. This patch test allows us to see if you skin tolerates treatment. When we patch test we want to start off by using an effective setting. By performing a patch test this will enable us to test different intensities on your skin before treatment.  We allow 24-48hrs to see if any reaction occurs. If the patch test site is clear we are safe to proceed with treatment. 

A patch test will also allow you to feel the sensation of laser before your first bikini line treatment. You will feel much more relaxed as you will know what to expect from your session. 

Take the first step to becoming hair free now

It’s important for you to understand how laser hair removal works on the bikini line. Knowing all the information about this treatment will help guide you through your course of treatments. Book your consultation with our dedicated laser hair removal consultants today.


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