Top 10 Benefits of laser hair removal
Before Laser Treatment | 2 September 2017

Benefits of laser hair removal

What are the benefits of laser hair removal? Is it worth it and what can you expect after your treatments? In this post we have outlined some of the most common benefits in relation to having laser hair removal treatment of your unwanted hair.

There are countless benefits to laser hair removal. If you are dealing with excess hair on a daily basis laser is without doubt the treatment you’ve been looking for. This treatment can be life-changing in so many ways. Laser can be a long process lasting 1-2 years. How many sessions you will need will depend on your own personal circumstances. Laser hair removal is absolutely worth all the time and effort it takes. You can expect to see results from your very first session. After each session you have hair will reduce more and more. After your initial course top-up treatments are needed to maintain results.

10 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The ‘in-between waxes’ stage

Do you hate that in-between wax stage, you’re walking around in summer with thick black tights just to hide your furry legs, well not with laser. You don’t have to let your hair grow in-between waxing sessions. You can shave the hair as much as you like during your course of laser hair removal treatment

Ingrown hairs, a distant memory

A couple of weeks after you wax are you fighting a losing battle trying to rid your bikini of ingrown hair. Let’s face it there is only so much exfoliating you can do on a daily basis before you reach for the dreaded tweezers! You’ve put yourself through all the effort of growing your hair in the first place and getting it waxed just for it to look a bit unsightly a couple of weeks after. If this sounds familiar you should consider laser – one of the most advanced methods of hair removal. Laser hair removal is clinically proven to reduce ingrown hairs.

Shaving rash, gone

If you have a heavy hair growth on your bikini chances are you suffer from skin irritation after you shave. This is pretty uncomfortable, especially in the warmer summer months. Although you have to shave when having laser your hair reduces over your first couple of sessions. Shaving becomes a much easier process too. After 2-3 sessions of laser the amount of time spent shaving decreases dramatically and because hair becomes so soft it doesn’t have the same effect on your skin.

Holiday are way better

Imagine always being ready to take off at a moment’s notice and not having to precision plan every wax session before you go. Do you find yourself bringing every hair removal product known to man on holiday? After laser holidays will never be the same again. You won’t need to worry about anything other than what bikini you’ll be wearing to show off your perfectly smooth skin.

Swimming, jump right in

Swimming is one of those activities where we expose a lot of skin. If we haven’t waxed or shaved we normally put off going. If we do go we feel everyone in the pool is looking at our furry bits! After laser you need not worry, you’ll be more than happy to show your smooth skin to anyone who wants to look.

Work out ready all of the time, no more excuses

Do you regularly put off going to the gym because you haven’t shaved or waxed? Don’t let unwanted hair stand in your way of achieving your fitness goals. After laser you’ll be gym ready all of the time and will be racing to show off your perfectly preened body.

Don’t sweat it, it’s only work

From Fitness Instructors to Firemen to Hairdressers it doesn’t matter what job you do. If your job involves any form of physical activity and having excess hair causes you to be conscious of your body and appearance we can help. If excess hair is a problem that you would like to do something about, then laser hair removal is for you.

Underarm shadow, banish for good

So you’ve just shaved your underarm and notice you still have a shadow, you’re not alone. Laser will treat underarm hair very quickly and effectively, after about 3-4 sessions this will turn into something that used to happen, but not anymore because that dark hair shadow will be gone.

Tan glides onto perfectly smooth skin – and lasts longer

Do you wait 2-3 days after you shave to apply fake tan, mainly because your skin is still recovering from the effects of shaving? Do you then find yourself with stubble on your legs. After you apply tan does it collect around your hair follicles leaving your legs looking like you have black dots all over them. After laser you skin becomes a perfect canvas for fake tan ensuring you have the perfect tan application every time.

Above all, you feel better about you

Excess hair can make you feel very self-conscious. On areas like the face, it can be very upsetting to deal with this on a daily basis. If you struggle with ingrown hairs or shaving rash you may limit the things you do on a daily basis. After laser your free to do what you want when you want.

These are just some of the benefits of laser hair removal. This amazing treatment can help save you time and money. Think of how many hours you spend shaving and waxing, after laser you won’t have to waste time removing hair. 6-10+ sessions are needed to achieve an 80-80% reduction in hair growth. Top ups may be needed 1-2 a year to maintain your reduction.  If you have any underlying health or hormonal issues more top up sessions may be needed to maintain results.

A consultation and patch test are the first step

A consultation is the first step you need to take. During a consultation, your personal circumstances will be assessed and a treatment plan put in place. We tailor your individual treatment plan to suit your needs. Your hair type and skin type are assessed to make sure they are suitable for treatment. And a patch test is performed before you start with us, for safety reasons. You will also be assigned a therapist who will look after you for the duration of your course of laser treatments.

Urbana laser hair removal consultation


If you would like to discover some of the benefits of laser hair removal technologies for yourself please contact us by clicking the button below and we can arrange a free consultation for you to discover how you can benefit from laser hair removal. Our dedicated team of hair removal specialists are on hand to answer any of your questions.

You are only a click away from a journey to hair-free, smoother skin.

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