Can you have laser hair removal if you are undergoing IVF treatment?
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Can you have laser hair removal while undergoing IVF?

This depends on your own set of circumstances and your doctors recommendation.  It may be possible it the very early stages of treatment but we would always recommend talking to your doctor first before starting laser hair removal if you are undergoing IVF. Some women will have started a course of treatment before starting IVF so we would always advise getting clearance before having any further treatments. 

As a result of  fluctuations in hormones in the early stages of treatment this can affect results. In the initial stages of IVF you will be taking medications or having injections. These will alter your hormone profile.  This may in turn affect your hair growth patterns. These medications may also cause photosensitivity and be contraindicated to treatment. This would mean you could not have laser while taking these and would be forced to stop your sessions. 

What to do if you see new hair growth patterns during IVF treatment?

If you are undergoing IVF and see hair growth in new areas we would advise against treating these new areas. Hair growth in new areas may be as a result of taking these hormones. After you stop taking these and your natural hormones levels rebalance there is a high chance this hair will disappear. In areas where hair has always been present laser is recommended. 

If you become pregnant you will have to stop laser hair removal treatment

If you start laser hair removal and become pregnant you will need to pause your course. Laser hair removal is not recommended during pregnancy. If you have only had a few sessions of laser hair may reduce very slightly for you. Hair may become lighter in texture and may be slower to grow.  If you have not had a chance to have a full course you won’t see the full effect of laser. If you pause your course you may see more regrowth but you can simply pick up where you left off a few months after your baby is born.

For laser to work a full course of 6-10+ sessions are recommended. The majority of people will achieve an 80-85% reduction in growth after a full course. 

At what stage of IVF do you have to stop laser hair removal?

Again this would have to be on the recommendation of your doctor. If you were able to start laser while undergoing the initial stages of this treatment we would go on the advice of your specialist. Laser would not be recommended in the weeks coming up to the egg transplant stage. This is a crucial time in the IVF process. This is really a time to allow the body to rest and to give the process the best chance of success. Because you may become pregnant at any stage after this process we would ask you to stop. Again, laser hair removal is not recommended during pregnancy.

If IVF is not successful, allow the body some time to rest. Hormones will be changing on a daily basis so allow some time for these to regulate. This time frame will be different for everyone so speak to your doctor about your individual circumstances. 


Can you have laser hair removal if you are undergoing IVF treatment?

IVF treatment can affect different people in different ways. How your body will respond to this process is unknown. The most important thing is to follow the guidelines set out by your doctor. If you are undergoing IVF treatment we would always recommend telling your doctor you are having laser hair removal. This way if treatment needs to be stopped sooner due to your personal circumstances they can advise you of this in time. 

Come and see us for more information

If you are thinking about laser hair removal come and see us for a chat. We have treated lots of women who have had IVF in the past. Each person will have their own circumstances so it’s not a one size fits all treatment. We will always go on the advice of your doctor and will make sure you are looked after every step of the way. Being a dedicated hair removal clinic we have a wealth of experience. Our consultants will personalise a treatment plan for you. We will also assign one therapist for the duration of your course so your results can be monitored closely. 


Contact us today to book a free consultation. We will assess your hair to make sure you are suitable for treatment. A patch test will also be carried out for your safety. 

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