Laser hair removal and tattoos
Before Laser Treatment | 7 May 2020

Laser hair removal and tattoos

Laser hair removal and tattoos are hugely popular. If you are getting a tattoo on an area of your body that does not have excess hair you are fine to go ahead. However, if you have excess growth that you would like to remove have laser first. This will reduce hair in the area before you get the tattoo.

Can I have laser hair removal if I have a tattoo?

Yes, you can have laser hair removal if you have a tattoo. The area where the tattoo is directly located would have to be completely avoided. But the surrounding areas can be treated.  It is essential that when you are having treatment that the tattoo is covered and avoided during treatment. 

The lasers used for laser hair removal use light and heat to absorb into anything that contains dark pigment. When a laser is pulsed over the skin it will search for anything that contains this pigment and use it as a target. Because most tattoos will be done using black ink the laser will pick up on this and rapidly absorb into the skin. This rapid absorption will be too intense for the skin and may result in a blister. This heat will also affect the ink and will cause it to fragment. Over time this ink will dissolve and the tattoo itself will look distorted. 

effects of laser going over a tattoo

It is essential that care is taken when working around a tattoo during a laser treatment. If you have a small tattoo we would recommend applying a plaster to cover the area before you come in for treatment. For larger tattoos you do not have to cover them, we can just take care to avoid these during treatment.  As we are a dedicated hair removal clinic we perform laser treatments safely on clients that have tattoos. This will not prevent you from having laser treatment.  

The first step to starting laser hair removal is a consultation, this is free of charge and takes about 30 minutes. If you have any specific questions our team will take the time to go through any concerns you may have. Contact us here to book now.


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