After Laser Treatment | 14 February 2018

Why Is My Laser Hair Removal Not Working?

There are a number of reasons why laser hair removal may not be working for you.  Laser is an excellent treatment but as we are all different treatment may be more effective for some.  If you are undergoing a course of laser treatment it is important that the clinic you have chosen are focusing on these things.

Some of the reasons why laser may not be working for you.

Proper treatment times are essential to the success rate of your treatments.

If not enough time has been allocated to each one of your sessions this will result in large areas being left untreated. Laser hair removal treatments should not be rushed in any way as this will dramatically affect your results. If you notice some patches of hair are growing back a lot faster than others a few weeks after your treatment, then it is most likely these are missed spots from your last laser session.

Medical grade lasers guarantee the best results.

These lasers are specifically designed to target and effectively remove hairs safely over fewer sessions.  Medical lasers are superior at targeting hair structures and penetrate deeper into targeted hairs.

Experienced, confident therapists are key.

Dedicated hair removal specialists who perform laser hair removal on a daily basis will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from each and every one of your sessions.  Safety and comfort are of paramount importance and experienced laser therapists will ensure that both of these issues are addressed. Experienced hair removal specialists will also be confident to use the full range of settings for the duration of your treatment course and will know when and how to adjust these so you get the maximum benefit from each one of your laser sessions.

The right number of sessions.

We would always recommend a minimum of 6-8+ sessions for the majority of clients. If you have been told that you will have 100% hair removal in 6 sessions this is untrue. Your hair will be reduced greatly after 6 sessions but this is not the end of your hair removal journey.

Internal factors.

There are a number of different internal factors that may be contributing to your results not progressing. Hormonal, hereditary and genetic factors influence your treatment outcome. Laser with can only treat hairs externally so there is a limit to what results we can achieve for people with underlying issues. In most cases clients who may have hormonal issues need more sessions to achieve their desired result and may need a few more top ups on a yearly basis to maintain their results.

Hair colour.

If you are having laser treatments and your hair is blond, red or grey we would recommend that you stop, laser will not work on these hair types.  The lighter the hair the more difficult it is for the laser to target, laser will work on brown and black hairs only.



As you can see there are a number of different reasons why laser may not be delivering the results you expected. If you are concerned about your treatments and feel that we may be able to help you improve your results please contact us. Hair removal is not what we do, it’s all we do.



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