Skin tags and laser hair removal
Laser Hair Removal | 19 April 2020

Skin tags and laser hair removal

What are skin tags?

A skin tag is a small piece of hanging skin that may have a stalk. These are not dangerous and can occur anywhere on the body. They develop in areas where the skin may have folds or creases. They may also appear in areas that clothing may rub against i.e neck area. Some are flesh coloured but some may contain darker pigment. Skin tags can be flesh coloured, brown or have a pink/red tone. Care must be taken with skin tags when you are undergoing a laser hair removal treatment.

Common areas where skin tags develop?

Skin tags most commonly occur on the underarm, bikini, neck, eyelids, upper chest area. Some skin tags can be large in size and become irritating so some people will choose to remove them for comfort reasons.  We recommend speaking to your GP about ways to remove skin tags. Especially if they are in very sensitive places like the eyelid, neck or facial area. 

Common areas on the body where skin tags develop


Can you have laser hair removal with skin tags?

Yes,  you can have laser if you have skin tags.  It is recommended to pulse around skin tags and not directly over them so as not to affect them. If skin tags have more pigment and are darker in colour more caution will be needed when doing a laser treatment. Laser targets anything on the skin that contains melanin. If laser was to be pulsed directly over a pigmented skin tag it would absorb a lot more heat from the laser. This, in turn,  may cause the area to become darker in colour and become irritated for some time so is best avoided. 

Image of laser on a flesh colored skin tag vs a pigmented skin tag

If you have skin tags please don’t worry, they are extremely common. Our dedicated hair removal specialists only perform laser hair removal treatments and will ensure to keep your skin safe. Our friendly consultants will talk through any concerns you may have.  Contact us today to book your free consultation.

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