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Facial Hair Removal | 7 August 2019

What is the best way to treat facial hair?

If the hair is suitable then the best way to treat facial hair is with laser hair removal.  Laser hair removal is scientifically proven to reduce excess hair. A course of treatment is needed to reduce growth before moving onto top ups. Top ups are recommended 2-4 times a year on the face. Results can be seen after just 1 session of laser. Hair will continue to reduce dramatically after each session that you have.

If the hair is not suitable then waxing is a good alternative. Waxing is needed every 4-6 weeks on an ongoing basis to maintain results. There are also a number of other ways to treat facial hair such as threading, electrolysis, epilators, hair removal creams, and shaving.  Most of these methods will offer very short hair free periods.

When you’re dealing with facial hair you definitely want results to last. Constantly waxing, shaving, tweezing, etc, does have an impact on your skin. If growth is strong and coarse breakouts and skin irritation are common side effects from these short term methods. Pulling and tugging the fragile skin on the face can also take its toll and lead to scarring and uneven skin texture. It can feel like a lose-lose situation, you remove the hair just for it to be replaced by spots and irritated skin. This then takes a week to clear and by that stage the hair is back.  It can be upsetting but there is a solution if your hair is brown or black in color.

Why is laser the best way to treat facial hair?

Laser hair removal is the best option for reducing facial hair.  Providing the hair is dark and contains pigment this is by far the most successful treatment. We treat so many clients that have really struggled with facial hair for so long.  Most have tried every lotion and potion known to mankind and put themselves and their skin through hell trying to get rid of their facial hair. When laser is being performed it simply pulses light and heat into the skin. The light from the laser uses the dark pigment in hair as a target. When it passes over a dark hair heat is transferred down into the follicle. This heat disables the hair and prevents regrowth. During each session a different growth cycle of hair is targeted. Eventually leading to a reduction in the overall growth in an area.

Laser is an amazing treatment but like everything it takes time. It’s not a quick fix and it does require maintenance but given the other alternatives it really is the best way forward.

Laser will only work on dark hairs

We believe in being totally upfront and honest from the start. In some cases it can be more difficult to get a result on the facial area if the hair is fine in texture. Thick, coarse, black hairs respond the quickest. These are more commonly found on the outer corners of the lip, chin, and sides of the face. Mid brown hairs that are lighter in texture can be slower to respond and take more sessions to reduce. Results on the face will need to be maintained regularly if you have an underlying hormonal issue ie PCOS. 2-4 top-up sessions a year are recommended for the face.

If you are tired of shaving your face daily, using hair removal creams or having to let your hair grow in order to get it waxed come and talk to us, we can help. All of our consultations are completely free of charge, please do not be embarrassed to come and see us. We treat 100’s of women every week that are going through exactly what you are experiencing, you’re not on your own, contact us today to find out how we can help.