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Any Bikini & Underarm

Laser hair removal will leave you looking and feeling amazing, you will see results from the very first sessions.  Our medical-grade lasers guarantee you the best possible outcome from all your treatments while ensuring you are 100% safe while in our care.  Take the first step by booking your free consultation with us today.

* Introductory offer applies to your first 2 bikini line & underarm sessions and prepaid on consultation date.

Free Consultation - Safe For All Skin Colours

Book your free laser consultation today and discover the benefits of laser hair removal from your very first treatment.

You Only Pay Per Session

Pay Per Session

At Urbana we offer pay per session laser treatments means you to only pay for the number of treatments that you actually need. Whether you are just looking for one or two sessions or 10 sessions of laser you simply pay as you go and don’t have to worry about paying for all your treatments upfront.

We love Loyalty

So whether you ask for it or not, we apply a 10% refund to your account after every session.

That’s €1 we give back for every €10 you have in treatments.