November 7, 2013
Why am I developing facial hair

why am I developing facial hair

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Developing facial hair can be due to a number of internal factors within the body and most people believe that it is simply just a hormone issue but if you read on you’ll see how complex this really is.

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There is no one simple straight forward answer, that is why is is so hard to pinpoint an exact cause but we do know the following things contribute to you developing it.

Hereditary– Like it or not if facial hair runs in your family chances are you may genetically inherit it. That doesn’t mean you have to live with it, it is treatable.

Hormonal – ALL women produce the male hormone testosterone, although in much smaller amounts than men. The amount of testosterone in women’s body is only one element that causes women to develop facial hair. Excess facial hair growth also depends on the hair follicles’ androgen sensitivity, insulin sensitivity and the balance of testosterone and other hormones like estrogen and progesterone in the woman’s body.

Aging – Women who are pre menopausal or menopausal are prone to an increase in the growth of hair because of the hormonal changes that are going on within their bodies. If there is a disruption in the balance between estrogen, testosterone and progesterone this can cause hair to grow.

Insulin Resistance – This can be a factor that contributes to excess hair and can be a result of having a poor diet over a number of years. Insulin is one of the body’s most important hormones, it is used by the body to control blood sugar levels, if you have become insulin resistant the body is unable to process sugars properly and breakdown food in the right way. This has a major impact on hormone levels within the body and the natural balance is disturbed causing hair to grow.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) – This is a condition where the ovaries produce lots of follicles each month without producing an egg. Sometimes women with this condition will also have an insulin resistance issue so are more likely to develop facial hair. Although we are unable to cure this condition a certain amount of dietary changes can help control insulin levels and decrease the amount of hair that is produced. Women with PCOS will typically need more maintenance sessions throughout the year because of the fluctuations in hormone levels in their bodies.

Hypothroidism – Is a condition where your thyroid gland is not working properly and is not producing enough of the essential hormones that the body needs. This condition could cause hair to grow on the face because the body’s natural hormone balance is disturbed.

Adrenal glands – The adrenal gland produces substances like adrenaline and cortisone these hormones are used to balance the bodies electrolytes, if the body’s natural balance is disturbed fluctuations can cause facial hair to grow.

Contraceptive pill – Women who come off the pill and experience weight gain may develop facial hair, again this is due to the fluctuations in hormone levels.

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One of the most common questions we get asked is “how can I get rid of hair on my face?”. There area a number of options available to remove facial hair. The most effective form of treatment for facial hair that gives lasting results is laser hair removal.

Although laser hair removal is very effective at reducing the amount of facial hair that you develop it is not a miracle cure, if there is an underlying medical or hormonal issue such as those outlined above, top up or maintenance treatments may be required on a ongoing basis to maintain the level of reduction you receive. These maintenance treatments normally take place every few months but this is also dependent on the individual and their hair growth.

Because we are only able to treat the hair from outside the skin’s surface we are constantly trying to fight the hair growth which is a direct result of internal medical or hormonal issues. For many laser treatment is a life changing process that restores self confidence especially when a noticeable reduction is seen from just the first few sessions of treatment. If you have any specific questions regarding facial hair that you may be embarrassed to ask you can contact us directly.


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