Best time for medium colored skin to start laser hair removal
Laser Hair Removal | 1 February 2021

Best time for medium skin types to start laser hair removal?

The best time for medium coloured skin types to start laser hair removal is after summer if skin has been exposed to sun. If your skin is naturally mid-toned and you have not been in the sun recently you can start any time of the year. A little more caution is needed with these skin types as their is more melanin present in the skin. These skin types are very efficient at producing melanin and produce a tan quite quickly. Even after a very short period of time, this skin type will begin producing melanin if sun-exposed. If the skin is repeatedly exposed to the sun a dark tan will develop. This may last for quite some time and can be slow to fade. We would recommend waiting 6-8 weeks after sun exposure to allow the skin to rest.

It is important to note that if you have a mid toned skin type and have had no sun exposure laser is safe to start immediately. Once your skin tone remains stable with no fluctuations laser is extremely safe.

What skin types are considered to be medium?

We use the Fitzpatrick skin scale to categorise skin tones. Skin types 2-4 are considered medium tones. Each tone has different variations, pale medium and dark. Medium toned skin types would range from a dark skin type 2 to a medium skin type 4. These skin types can change considerably after sun exposure so if possible it is best to limit the periods of sun exposure during a course of treatment. Pale skin tones  1 to medium 2 would not change that much after sun exposure. Darker skin tones 5 and 6 would generally stay the same also with some slight deepening of colour after sun exposure. These darker skin tones are treated using a different laser called an Nd:Yag which is much safer for these skin types.

fitzpatrick skin colour scale

What type of laser is used for medium coloured skin types?

The type of laser used for mid coloured skin really depends on the depth of colour in the skin. Medium skin type 2’s to dark skin type 3’s would generally be treated with Alexandrite. However, this can change if these skin types have had recent sun exposure. If these skin types were to develop a tan they may need to be treated with an Nd:Yag until tan has faded.


Why you need to wait longer after sun exposure to start laser hair removal?

Medium coloured skin types will produce larger quantities of melanin so a deep tan will develop after sun exposure. If the skin is exposed to the sun repeatedly your skin tone will change considerably. After sun exposure the skin may contain too much melanin and it may be unsafe to use an Alexandrite laser. A longer wait time may be necessary to allow the skin to fade so that less melanin is present in the skin. An Alexandrite laser is designed to target anything that contains melanin. If the laser is pulsed on the skin when too much melanin is active on the surface this may result in an adverse reaction. If skin tone has changed considerably after sun exposure an extended time frame of 8-10 weeks may be needed.

We do have the option to use a different wavelength of laser called Nd:Yag after sun exposure if the skin is tanned. This targets hairs in a different way, instead of targeting melanin it targets the blood supply that is attached to your hair. Our therapists are fully qualified to use the complete range of settings and wavelengths on our lasers. They will adjust your settings so that you continue to see results even after sun exposure. They will give you honest advice on how best to continue and will make sure to patch test and assess your skin after any periods of sun exposure.

Best time for medium coloured skin types to start laser hair removal

Is it safe to have laser hair removal on mid toned skin?

Yes, it is safe to have laser hair removal on mid toned skin. If you naturally have pigment in your skin a safe setting will be chosen for you. This setting will not cause your skin to react. Caution is taken at the start of your treatment course to prevent this from happening. Settings are increased slowly at the start to establish how much energy your skin is able for. And each increase in settings after this point is patch tested before it is increased. Because the contrast between hair and skin is a lot less defined it is essential that the right setting is chosen. Another patch test will be needed if your area is exposed to the sun during your course of treatment.

If you have mid toned skin it is safe to start at any stage of the year. However this is providing you have had no recent periods of sun exposure.

We successfully treat different skin types on a daily basis. We use different types of laser to ensure we keep your skin safe. If you are unsure if your skin is ready for laser hair removal come and see us. We will assess your skin and give you honest advice.

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Our consultations are free of charge and you will be assessed by dedicated hair removal specialists. Patch tests are vital in order to protect your skin from the start. It is so important to insist on a patch test, you are putting your skin at risk without one.
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