Best time for pale skin types to start laser hair removal
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Best time for pale skin types to start laser hair removal

The best time for pale skin types to start laser hair removal is any time of year. Very pale skin types generally don’t like to sit in the sun for long periods as they find their skin burns quickly. People with this skin type could sit in the sun on a regular basis and would never develop a tan. Their skin does not have the capability to produce enough melanin to form a tan. Melanocyte cells produce melanin, this dark pigment is needed to protect the skin. Melanin is created by the skin to act as a shield to protect DNA structures within skin cells. Melanin gives the skin a darker appearance which we call a tan. Paler skin types do not produce enough of this to form a tan. 

Why laser hair removal is safe on pale skin types all year round 

To treat pale skin tones we use a laser wavelength specifically designed to distinguish between dark hair and pale skin. This wavelength is called 755nm Alexandrite, this is designed to seek out and absorb into any structures that contain melanin/pigment. When this laser is pulsed over the skin the laser will target darker hairs and transfer energy in the form of heat into them. Because the surrounding skin is white no heat will be absorbed. This results in the majority of the heat being targeted towards the hair. This heat travels down to the base of the hair follicle where it is needed in order to prevent a new hair growing. This heat may affect the skin slightly and it’s normal for the surrounding skin to be a little red for a few hours after treatment. 

What is an Alexandrite laser?

An Alexandrite laser is a laser that is specifically designed to strongly absorb into melanin. Lasers use different wavelengths of light to target different things. Wavelength’s determine how deep the laser penetrates the skin. An Alexandrite is designed to deliver heat and energy into the skin at a depth of 755nm. This is the ideal depth to target hair follicles and is the reason why Alexandrite’s are so successful for laser hair removal. This laser should only be used on pale-medium skin tones. This laser should not be used on darker skin types as it is not safe.

How laser hair removal works on pale skin types


Why is a consultation and patch test is important before you start?

A consultation and patch test is vital before starting a course of treatment. It’s important for us to assess your skin and hair to make sure you are suitable for treatment. It’s also important you are informed about the whole process as laser can take some time to complete a full course. When a patch test is performed it allows for a safe and effective setting to be selected so you see results fast.

People can react to laser in different ways so it’s important to check you skin can tolerate laser before doing a full treatment. If you have a very light tone you could start laser any time of the year. This is provided you have had no recent sun exposure on your treatment area. 6 weeks after sun exposure is enough time to wait to start. It is important to be patch tested first to make sure your skin is ready after any periods of sun exposure. 

Why you may need to wait a while after sun exposure to start?

Very pale skin types that do not tan at all can continue their treatments as normal after sun exposure. However, we would always insist on a patch test before doing another treatment after sun exposure. The skin can be quiet unpredictable at times so its always good to test the skin as a precaution. The best time for very pale skin types to start laser hair removal is anytime as this skin type is very safe to treat. Pale skin’s that slightly tan produce a little more melanin so a light tan may develop. A 6-week wait after sun exposure will allow the tan to fade making laser safer. A patch test will also be needed before recommencing any further treatments.  Alexandrite is used for both of these skin types. 


Top tips for pale skin types before you start a course of laser hair removal


  • Shave 24 hours before your session is due, don’t shave on the day of your session.
  • Lightly exfoliate 3-4 days before your session, don’t exfoliate on the day of your treatment.
  • Don’t take any new medications without contacting us first to see if they are safe.
  • Don’t apply any creams, oils or moisturiser after showering on the day of your sessions.
  • Avoid sun exposure on your treatment area.
  • Make sure to avoid applying fake tan to your treatment areas 7-10 days before your session is due.

What to wear on the day of your laser hair removal treatment


  • Loose cotton clothes, this will allow your skin to cool after treatment, if you are having your legs treated don’t wear nylon tights or skinny jeans.
  • 100% cotton underwear, if you are having your bikini area treated wear pure cotton to avoid irritation.

After treatment your skin may retain some heat for a few hours. In this timeframe it is important allow this heat space to cool. This will prevent any irritation occurring. You can also apply Aloe Vera gel to the area to help soothe the skin. Normal reactions from laser area erythema (redness) and peri follicular odema (swelling of the follicle walls). These are perfectly normal and usually clear up in a 24-48hour period.

For pale skin types anytime is the best time to start laser hair removal

If you have this skin type start straight away. Pale skin types are very stable vary in colour too much so will see results really quickly. Because your skin is pale we can increase settings safely throughout your course. Medium skin tones fluctuate after they have been exposed to sun. Because of this settings on the laser must be adjusted for safety reasons. This can slow results temporarily during a course of laser. Pale skin’s don’t fluctuate as much so settings do not need to be altered. As a result of this less sessions may be needed to treat paler skins. However if their are underlying health or hormonal issues this may not be apply. During a consultation we dissuss all of this so you are fully informed about laser before you start.


We successfully treat different skin types on a daily basis. We use different types of laser to ensure we keep your skin safe. If you are unsure if your skin is ready for laser hair removal come and see us. We will assess your skin and give you honest advice. Our consultations are free of charge and you will be assessed by dedicated hair removal specialists. Patch tests are essential in order to protect your skin. 

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