Psoriasis and laser hair removal
Laser Hair Removal | 24 August 2020

Can I have laser if I have Psoriasis?

Laser treatment will depend on the severity of your psoriasis. For mild cases where ongoing medication is not required to control psoriasis laser will be an option. If you have occasional flare ups that heal well and the skin returns to normal laser will work for you. However if you have severe flare ups that result in the skin in the area you are looking to have treatment remaining irritated for long periods laser may not be an option. If the skin in your treatment area has weakened over time due to repeated flare ups the skin may be too fragile to treat.

This only relates to the treatment areas where you may be considering laser treatment. If you suffer from psoriasis on your knees and want to get laser on your bikini line this will not be an issue. If you are taking medication to control psoriasis you will need to have these meds checked before we can give you the go ahead to start treatment.  

We assess every person on an individual basis as this condition can affect everyone in different ways. We use high levels of heat during this treatment it is important to establish if your skin can tolerate this before you start. 

Your suitability for laser will depend on the following

medications for this condition


If you are taking medication to control this condition we will need to know the exact name of this medication. Some medications may cause the skin to become sensitive to light so if you are taking these we would have to wait until you stop before we could treat you.

The severity of flare ups will determine treatment for psoriasis

Severity of flare ups

For mild flare ups we could retreat the area affected once the skin has returned to normal. In the case of a severe flare up where skin would remain damaged for quiet some time we would work around this area with the laser. Because this skin is weak and dry it’s best not to treat in these areas. During treatment high levels of heat are used and this may cause the skin to react.

Sensitivity of your skin

Sensitivity of skin

If you suffer from very frequent flare ups in one particular area over time this skin may become very sensitive. Skin in these areas may not be able to tolerate excess heat so it will be best to avoid these areas. In areas where psoriasis patches heal well you can have laser hair removal.

How frequently flare ups happen

How frequently flare ups occur

Laser treatment is generally performed at a 4-6 week interval depending on the area of the body being treated. Flare ups may happen due to triggers so it is important to be mindful of this while having treatment. Ideally we would want to minimise the occurrence of these flare ups during a course of treatment.

If flare ups are under control you can have laser hair removal

If flare ups are under control

If you are not taking any medications you may be relying on avoiding certain things that may trigger your flare ups. By simply avoiding these we will be able to treat all areas if skin is healthy. If you experience a flare up and have to take medication we may have to pause your treatment’s temporarily.

We will only recommend you start treatment if we feel we can keep your skin safe. We perform 100’s of laser treatments on a weekly basis and your safety is our number 1 priority. If you are suitable we will assign one therapist to perform all of your treatments. This way we can monitor your skin and your results to make sure your skin is responding well. We will put together a personalised treatment plan for you and monitor you every step of the way. You can have laser hair removal if you have psoriasis but some restrictions apply. 

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