swimming after laser hair removal
After Laser Treatment | 20 August 2020

Can I go swimming after laser hair removal?

No, please avoid swimming directly after laser hair removal. Your skin will remain sensitive for 24-48 hours after laser hair removal so it is important to keep your skin protected during this period of time.

This includes swimming in swimming pools,the sea, lakes, rivers and also relates to jacuzzi’s and plunge pools.

Can I go swimming after laser hair removal

Side effects from laser are very temporary and usually disappear within a 24-48 hour period. Redness (erythema) and swelling of the follicles (follicular oedema) are common reactions from laser and are nothing to be concerned about. During this time it is important to keep the skin away from anything that may cause any irritation or infection.

Water in swimming pools contain levels of chemicals, bacteria and algae as does sea water. The skin must not exposed to these irritants during this time.

How long after my laser session do I have to wait before I can swim?

We would recommend waiting 24-48 hours after your session before going for a swim. If you have extremely sensitive skin and notice that the side effects from your session last longer than usual we would recommend waiting until your skin has fully recovered before going for a swim.

Swimming is completely safe in-between your laser sessions but you do have to be mindful of swimming outside in the summer months.  If you are swimming outside please use a high quality waterproof sunblock and reapply often. SPF50+ is recommended to help prevent a tan forming on your skin. If you happen to develop a tan while swimming outside please contact the clinic as you will need to book in for a skin assessment and a patch test.

If you have any further questions regarding swimming after laser hair removal contact us. Our dedicated team of hair removal specialists are on hand to answer any of your questions.

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