After Laser Treatment | 7 November 2017

Side effects of laser hair removal on the face

There are two side effects of laser hair removal on the face, redness (erythema) and swelling of the hair follicle (follicular oedema). Both are very temporary and become less evident as you progress through your course of treatment.

When starting a course of treatment excess facial hair can be very thick and coarse which is perfect for laser as there will be an abundance of Melanin (brown pigment) contained within the treated hair.  Laser is designed to absorb into Melanin so the more that is present in the hair the better the target for the laser. Early in treatment there is rapid absorption of the lasers heat, while this is safe it will cause a temporary effect on the skin.

What will my face look like after laser hair removal treatment?

Immediately after treatment the skin on your face may be quite red and it can feel similar to having very mild sunburn. This feeling dissipates quickly.  A thick layer of Aloe Vera applied to the skin after treatment soothes and reduces redness. It is extremely important to apply SPF50+ to avoid direct sunlight after treatment.  SPF 50+ should also be worn on the face throughout your course of treatment to avoid pigmentation (tan) occurring.

You may also see small raised bumps on the skin after treatment, they are completely normal and may be white or red. It is important not to pick or touch these areas and they will disappear over a period of a few hours. If you have very sensitive skin this effect may last slightly longer, taking an anti-histamine will help skin return to normal quite quickly.

Tips for reducing redness after facial laser hair removal

  • Store Aloe Vera in your fridge and apply a layer of cold gel to your treatment area
  • We recommend applying mineral make up or mineral concealer after your treatment
  • Don’t pick or rub your skin after treatment
  • Avoid the gym, sauna, swimming pool or anything that may cause more heat in the area
  • Avoid exfoliation or any perfumed products for 4-5 days after treatment

How long does redness last after facial laser hair removal?

Redness usually fades over a period of 3-4 hours, however it may last for longer periods depending on certain factors (how sensitive your skin is or how thick your hair growth may have been).  Redness does become less evident as you progress through your course of treatment, as the hair becomes thinner it absorbs less heat resulting in less of an impact on your skin.

Skin will feel hot to the touch after treatment and follicles will remain open and very susceptible to bacteria and irritants so it is vitally important that after-care procedures for laser be followed correctly to avoid breakouts or skin irritation.

Side effects from laser hair removal on the face are different for everyone and while some people will have very little others may experience slightly more. This may be because hair is more dense and thicker in the treatment area but over time as hair reduces so does the impact of treatment on the skin. Laser hair removal is a very safe and effective way of reducing facial hair, if you are tired of dealing with excess facial hair and are looking for a more long term solution contact us today. Our dedicated team of hair removal specialists are on hand to answer any of your questions.

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