Hair Types | 14 June 2016

Can laser hair removal work on light hair?

Laser hair removal will work on light hairs that contain dark pigment, laser has no effect on light hairs that are blonde, red, grey or white in colour as they don’t contain enough pigment for the laser to absorb into.

Laser uses the dark pigment (melanin) in hairs as a target, the more melanin a hair contains the more heat it will absorb from the laser. When a laser is pulsed onto the skin the light from the laser is absorbed into the hair shaft and heat is transferred into the follicle. This heat is directed down into the base of the follicle where it heats and disables the interconnecting cells that connect the small blood supply to the hair. This is a safe procedure and has been clinically trialed and tested by the FDA.

absorbtion of laser into hair on dark and light surfaces

How does laser work on light hairs?

For laser to work on lighter hairs, higher intensities of laser must be used in order to target these hairs, our medical grade lasers allow us to use these high intensities in the safest possible way. Our Alexandrite (For pale skin) and ND:Yag (For Darker skin) lasers are designed to target dark fine hairs using high settings without compromising on the safety of your skin regardless of your skin colour. Our lasers have advanced cooling systems that keep the skin’s temperature cool while delivering high doses of targeted laser deep into the follicle where it is needed in order to prevent regrowth.


The thickness of your hairs will determine how much heat is attracted to the follicle from the laser.



lighter hairs are less effective with laser Medium density hair responds well to laser dark, thick hair is best for laser hair removal

How many sessions of laser will I require for light hair?

It is possible to achieve great results with lighter hairs but it just may take a little longer to reach your desired result. Normally 8+ sessions are required but it’s different for everybody. We believe in being totally honest with you from the start, we will only recommend you start laser if we think your hairs will be dark enough to respond to treatment.

It is important to note that it is more difficult to achieve a reduction on lighter hairs because they lack pigment, only lighter hairs that contain dark pigment will work with laser. White, blond, grey or red hairs will not respond to treatment.


If you are unsure if your hair is suitable why not contact us to book a free laser consultation, we can assess your skin and hair and give you honest advice about treatment. Our dedicated team of hair removal specialists are on hand to answer any of your questions.