Can you go over moles when having laser hair removal
During laser treatment | 14 March 2020

Can you have laser hair removal on moles?

No, we would always avoid going over moles when having laser hair removal treatment.

Why can’t you have laser hair removal on moles?

Moles contain more pigmented cells than the skin that surrounds them. Our laser hair removal treatments are designed to absorb into anything that contains pigment. If a laser was to be pulsed directly over a mole it would disrupt the cluster of pigment and may cause it to lift off the skin. The area would form a crust and would be more sensitive to touch for approx 2 weeks after treatment. During this time the area would feel itchy and irritated and a scab may form over the mole. 


What would happen if moles are lasered

How to remove unwanted hair from a mole

If you have moles that contain hair and want to remove them we would recommend trimming with a scissors. Moles are best left alone as over time they may change colour, shape or become raised, these changes may be a sign they have become cancerous. It is important not to disturb them in order to notice any changes that may occur. 


We would recommend trimming hairs with a scissors only

use a scissors to remove moles


How to protect moles before laser hair removal treatment

You can put a plaster over large moles before you have a treatment to protect them. Smaller moles will just be avoided by your therapist during treatment.  We cover moles with a layer of white kohl pencil to protect them during treatment.


Can I still have laser hair removal in an area with a mole?

You can still have laser hair removal treatment if moles are present in your treatment area. Treatment may need to be a little slower over the areas where you have moles in order to avoid them. All of our therapists are fully trained so they will ensure to take the necessary precautions to make sure your skin is kept safe during your treatment.


If you have any other concerns regarding your moles before you start a course of treatment contact us today and arrange a free consultation so that you can speak to our dedicated laser consultants.


Urbana laser hair removal consultation

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