Can you have laser hair removal while pregnant
Laser Hair Removal | 21 December 2020

Can you have laser hair removal when you are pregnant?

No, unfortunately you can’t have laser hair removal when you are pregnant. 


Laser hair removal is not recommended during pregnancy

Laser hair removal is a very safe treatment that has been clinically proven. Our lasers are FDA approved and have been clinically trialed to ensure they are safe. However, it is recommended that you not have laser hair removal if you are pregnant. Hair growth patterns do change while pregnant so it’s important to know that any new hair growth patterns will be temporary. When hair grows it is in an active phase called anagen. When the hair is fully grown it enters a resting stage called telogen, pregnancy hormones delay this stage so hair appears thicker. After birth this hair will shed as it enters the catagen stage. It can take up to 6 months or even longer for hormone levels to rebalance so it best to wait 3-6 months before having laser. 

Why is laser hair removal not recommended during pregnancy?

When you are pregnant there are a number of hormonal changes happening within your body. Hormonal changes can impact the skin resulting in pigmentary changes and sensitivity. Because we deliver high levels of heat into the skin during laser if the skin is sensitive a reaction may occur. During this time you may see hair growing in new areas of the body. We would recommend leaving this alone and not remove it. This growth is due to changes in hormone levels. In the majority of cases this hair will go away of its own accord after you have given birth. When you are pregnant it’s best to avoid so many things to ensure the safety of you and your baby and laser is one of these. 

What if you have started a course of laser hair removal and become pregnant?

If you have started a course of laser hair removal you will need to pause your sessions until after your baby has been born. If you have had a full course of laser it is not uncommon to see some slight regrowth in your treatment areas a few months after birth. Simply have 1-2 top ups to reduce this again. If you have not completed a full course you may see more regrowth after baby arrives. Simply continue on with your sessions as normal and you will see hair reduce again. In this instance you may need 1-2 more sessions to achieve your final result. 

How long after giving birth do you have to wait before starting laser again?

A wait period of 3-6 months is needed after you give birth before recommencing your treatments. Some people will need longer than this so only restart when you feel ready. If you are having your bikini line treated and have had a c-section or episiotomy we will have to avoid these areas completely. These areas can only be treated when scars have completely healed. If you have had complications during your pregnancy we would always recommend you see you doctor first. 

What’s the safest way to remove your hair when pregnant?

Waxing, shaving and threading are the safest ways to remove excess hair while pregnant. Wax should always be patch tested before a full treatment is performed. During pregnancy the skin can be a little more sensitive so it’s important to do this to avoid a reaction. It’s best to avoid electrolysis and hair removal cream during this time. Hair removal cream again can cause sensitivity in the skin so it’s best to avoid this. For any new excess growth that has appeared during the course of your pregnancy it’s best not to remove this. A few months after birth these hairs will shed as hormone levels rebalance.


In the 9 months it takes to have a baby your body will go through so many changes. It is so important to rest and allow your body to adapt to these new changes. Laser hair removal is a treatment that can be performed at a later stage. If you are considering laser use these few months to research and find the best place for you. 

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