Is it safe to have laser hair removal if you have a tattoo
Before Laser Treatment | 14 May 2020

Is it safe to have laser hair removal if you have a tattoo?

Yes, it is safe to have laser hair removal if you have a tattoo. However, it is unsafe to laser directly over your tattoo. The area where you have your tattoo must be avoided for safety reasons.  Laser is designed to be absorbed into anything on the skin that contains dark pigment. This is why moles and birthmarks should also be avoided. These structures contain larger patches of pigment which will cause more heat to be absorbed by the laser.  When laser is pulsed over the skin, hair follicles are much smaller in size so the heat delivered by the laser will not be as destructive.  This heat travels down the hair shaft and will destroy tiny cells at the base of the unwanted hair follice. These interconnecting cells bring blood flow to the hair helping it to grow and if laser disables these hairs they lose their blood supply and don’t regrow. 

Tattoo being avoided during treatment


How to safely perform laser if you have a tattoo?

Your tattoo may be left distorted if a laser was to be directly pulsed over the area. The skin in the area may blister and separate also. All responsible laser clinics will ensure that each laser technician is fully trained to ensure this does not happen. If by accident this does happen it may take a number of months to fully heal. When it has healed you can get the tattoo touched up so that the design is back to normal. It is safe to have laser hair removal if you have a tattoo but caution must be taken during treatment. 


What would happen if laser was to go over a tattoo


Being a dedicated laser hair removal clinic we provide laser hair removal treatment for clients with tattoos every day. We have protocols in place to always make sure your skin is kept safe at all times throughout your treatment.  If you are thinking about laser hair removal contact us today to book your free consultation. Our team of specialists will talk through any concerns you may have.

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