Laser hair removal on the bum area
Laser Hair Removal | 3 May 2021

Laser hair removal on the bum

Laser hair removal is the perfect way to remove hair on the bum area. Both the buttocks and peri-anal areas are treatable with laser. It is essential that hairs in this area are dark in colour. Any blond, grey, white, or red hairs will not respond to treatment. Laser hair removal on the bum will need a full course of treatments to achieve the best possible results.

In general, sessions will be carried out at a 6-week interval at the start.

Depending on results treatment intervals may be moved to 8 weeks intervals after 5-6 sessions. 

Is hair on the bum normal?

Yes, the bum is a very common area for hair to grow and it is normal to have hair here. The amount of hair in this area varies from person to person. Some people will just have small sections of growth while others will have full coverage of the entire buttock area. Men and women develop growth in this area after puberty. The buttock and peri-anal areas are very popular areas to have laser hair removal. There is no need to be embarrassed in any way, this is just another body part. Our dedicated laser hair removal experts in Dublin and Drogheda treat lots of bums on a daily basis you really don’t have anything to worry about. 

Areas where hair grows on the bum area

Do women have hair on their bum?

Yes, most women develop hair growth on the bum area. In general women will have growth in the peri-anal area and a little on the inner buttock area. However, some women who have underlying hormone conditions like PCOS may experience more growth in this area. Hair may extend onto the buttock area and also up to the lower back. This is a very common condition and laser hair removal will successfully remove this hair once it is suitable. 


What is the best way to get rid of hair on your bum?

Without doubt laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of hair on your bum area. Over time growth will become finer and lighter. Waxing, hair removal creams and shaving are only temporary short term solutions.  

Because of the anatomy of the body if hairs are shaved stubble which grows back can feel quite irritating. After a few sessions of laser growth on the bum becomes finer and lighter so it won’t irritate the skin in the same way. Shaving and waxing can cause ingrown hairs in this area over time. It is also quite common for this area to develop a rash after shaving or waxing. Due to being in a seated position for periods of time during the day this can contribute to this. 

Laser hair removal removes hair from the bum over time and the result is long lasting. It is however important to regularly exfoliate the bum and buttocks area while undergoing a course of laser to minimise the chances of hairs becoming ingrown. After your session it takes approximately 7-14 days for your hairs to shed/fall out. During this time regular light exfoliation will help to prevent these hairs from becoming lodged in the follicle. Moisturising afterwards will also help to keep the skin hydrated. Results from laser on the bum are noticeable even after the first session. 


Is it safe to have laser hair removal on the bum?

Yes, it is safe to laser have laser on the bum area. Before starting a course of treatment a patch test is performed on your area. It is common for the peri-anal area to be a little darker in colour so settings are adjusted for this area if this is the case. If you choose to have laser with us we will insist on a patch test before you start. This will ensure your skin responds well to treatment and will also allow us to establish a safe and effective setting before you start. Our lasers are FDA approved medical devices that are clinically proven to remove hair. 

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How many laser hair removal treatments are needed for the bum area?

6-10+ laser hair removal treatments are needed for the bum area. Hairs on the bum area tend to be a mix of colours and densities. Any hairs that are dark in colour and are coarse in texture tend to respond the quickest. Any lighter hairs that may be mid-brown in colour tend to take a little longer. The reason for this is that thicker hairs will absorb more energy from the laser meaning they will respond better to treatment. The thinner hairs absorb a lot less heat therefore will be slower to reduce. After each session the intensity of the laser will be increased.  

How to prepare the bum area for laser hair removal treatment?

It is so important to prepare the bum area correctly for laser hair removal. All excess hair above the follicle should be removed. If any excess hair remains this will absorb a lot of the  energy from the laser. As a result of this enough heat will not target deep in the follicle where it is needed. Shaving will need to be done 24 hours in advance of treatment. 



Laser hair removal on the bum area


How to shave your bum 

Follow these steps to safely shave hair from your bum.

  • Apply shaving oil/foam to the area, the best way to remove hair here is to do a squat
  • Place a small mirror on the floor so that you can see what you are doing
  • Working from the outside in pass the razor lightly over the skin rinsing your razor regularly to remove excess hairs
  • Use light pressure especially around the perianal area
  • When you have finished remove all excess shaving oil with a clean lukewarm flannel.

When you have finished apply a splash of cold water on this area to tighten your pores. If the skin is a little irritated after your shave apply 100% Aloe Vera gel to the area. Do not use any moisturisers, lotions, creams or oils on your skin before your laser treatment. It’s so important you know how to prepare for your laser hair removal appointment. If you don’t prepare properly areas may have to be avoided during treatment. This may, in turn, affect your results. This can be a difficult area to shave so if there are missed hairs we will help you with them.

As you are using a blade around the perianal area, we would recommend you clean your razor properly. Do not use the same razor on any other body part after you have shaved this area with it. Sanitise your blade with surgical spirits to ensure it is clean.


Is a patch test necessary for the bum area?

Yes, a patch test will be performed to make sure the skin is safe and can tolerate the increase in temperature. As there may be a difference in skin colour it is important that settings be selected to treat each tone separately. By having a consultation and patch test your skin can be assessed correctly and a safe and effective setting be used from the start. 

As it’s quite difficult to see the hair in this area it’s important to have it assessed to make sure laser will work. By coming in for a consultation we can check this for you so you can be certain laser can benefit you.

Urbana laser hair removal consultation

We treat lots of bums every week

Please don’t be embarrassed in any way, we all have hair there, it’s normal so don’t be concerned. Our friendly team will put you at ease as soon as you meet them, they perform laser hair removal on hundreds of bums every week. We are a dedicated hair removal clinic and love what we do.

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