After Laser Treatment | 7 June 2017

What results to expect from laser hair removal

As a responsible clinic we feel it is important to be honest with our clients and explain every aspect of treatment so you are fully informed and know what results you can expect from laser hair removal. It is important to know that laser hair removal offers a permanent reduction in hair growth but does not guarantee 100% permanent hair removal in every hair follicle in a given area.

However results are nothing short of amazing, the majority of people will receive anything from 80%+ reduction in hair growth. The hairs that remain will be soft, baby like hairs. These hairs would be targeted on subsequent top up treatments to ensure results are maintained. Hair free periods would typically lasts 5-6 months before these finer hairs would need to be maintained.

How many sessions will I realistically need? The truth.

We don’t believe in asking you to buy into the, ‘after 6 sessions you’ll never have a blade of hair anywhere on your body for the rest of your life’ dream. That would be totally unfair and it is important that you know the good, bad and real results that can be achieved with laser. Throughout our many years of performing laser treatment, we have never treated anyone who did not need some form of maintenance or top up treatments in the area after their initial 6 sessions.

To receive 100% permanent hair removal from every follicle in the treated area would be impossible even when using medical grade lasers.

The truth is that it is extremely effective at dramatically removing and reducing hair but it is not a miracle 6 session cure. Unfortunately this does not exist. The majority of people will need between 6-8+ sessions to achieve approx 80%+ reduction in hair in a given area and will need top-up or maintenance 2-3 times a year. This in a very generalised guide and does change due to factors such as hormonal conditions, darker skin types, genetics etc. Clients who may have underlying issues will need more sessions and more top up or maintenance sessions will be required to maintain your reduction.

How often we recommend having top up treatments.

Top up sessions are needed a couple of times a year to maintain the level of reduction in hair you have achieved. You will notice some very fine hairs returning when you begin to leave longer gaps in-between sessions, this is completely normal. These finer hair are what we would be treating on top up treatments.

When we have completed a bulk amount of sessions and are happy with the treatment outcome we begin to leave longer time frames in-between each session. This allows follicles to fill with finer hairs that are left after treatment. These fine hairs where either not active and in the Anagen stage of growth at the time of treatment or did not reach the 45 degree temperature necessary for complete removal. We will inevitably have missed growth cycles along the way so by leaving long gaps we will pick these up when adequate time is given for them to regenerate. Hairs left should be sporadic, fine and light.

Laser really works

Laser and its effects are nothing short of life changing. If you feel self conscious about excess hair and it has an effect on your confidence, why wait. There is a solution to your problem. When you know what results to expect from laser hair removal treatment your better informed and can decide if laser is for you. Start your journey today and benefit from this amazing treatment.

If you have any further questions regarding laser hair removal, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team of hair removal specialists are on hand to answer any of your questions.