Should I get laser hair removal or a tattoo first
Before Laser Treatment | 23 May 2020

Should I get laser hair removal or a tattoo first?

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo in an area where you would like your hair removed,  we would recommend having laser hair removal first. This way the hair in the area can be reduced. We would advise leaving it until you have done a full course of laser and are happy with your reduction. 

have laser first then get a tattoo

The reason why it’s best to get laser first

When you have laser first the hair in the area will reduce to a fine light hair. If you have a tattoo first the hair in this area will still remain coarse. When you run your hand over this section of skin you will feel a different texture of hair. If you shave the hair over the tattoo within a few days you will feel stubble. After a course of laser the treated hair will be much softer to touch. Even if you do have to shave this occasionally you will not feel harsh stubble. 


Its best to have laser first and then have a tattoo

Keep in mind that if you do have a tattoo after your course top-up sessions may be limited in this area. If you are at a top-up stage we will have to avoid pulsing the laser directly over your tattoo. It is dangerous to laser over a tattoo especially if it has just been recently done. When a tattoo is new the ink is extremely pigmented. The lasers used for hair removal are designed to absorb dark pigment. That is why they target dark hairs and leave the surrounding skin unharmed. If one of these lasers were to be applied to the skin and pulsed over a tattoo the laser would absorb into the ink. Because of the abundance of pigment in the tattoo absorption would be intense. This would shatter the pigment in the skin and may also damage the surrounding tissue. 

tattoo that has been treated ov


If you are considering laser treatment and are also thinking about a tattoo why not come and see us for some advice. Our consultants can assess your skin and hair and give more definite time frames for your course of treatment. Our consultations are free of charge and take 30 minutes. Get in touch to book yours today. 


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