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Laser Hair Removal | 1 September 2020

Is it safe to laser over a C-section scar?

It is safe to laser over a C-section scar but only if it has completely healed. It may take a number of months for this scar to heal completely. The scar itself will appear red or pink at first and will be very sensitive to touch. Over time the scar will fade but some may remain quite sensitive. If this is the case the intensity of the laser may need to be adjusted to allow for this. We may also need to pulse the laser slower around the area for your comfort. We would recommend that you wait at least 12 -15 weeks after a C-section before you consider having any type of laser hair removal. If you choose to start laser on the bikini line we would completely avoid the area where your C-section scar is located. 


Is it safe to laser over a C-section scar?

How long before it is safe to laser over a C-section scar?

It’s best to wait until the scar has lost all signs of inflammation and redness before treating over. During a laser hair removal treatment light and heat from the laser targets hair follicles. If we were to pulse over a scar that hasn’t fully healed we may cause further damage. During your course of treatment the intensity of this heat is increased.  It is essential that your skin is monitored closely to avoid any adverse effects from the laser. Because everyone heals at differently this depends on the person. In the months after you give birth it is essential that this area is given ample time to heal.

Our therapists are dedicated hair removal specialists. Laser hair removal is the only treatment they perform on a daily basis. We will ensure to take every precaution necessary to ensure your safety with us. When you are undergoing a course of treatment with us we will monitor your results. We also keep you with the same therapist throughout your course so that you are comfortable. We will be sure to keep your skin safe during laser and will be extremely careful over your C-section scar.

Urbana laser hair removal consultation

If you have had a C-section and are considering laser contact us today. Our consultations are free of charge and you are free to think about treatment before you start. 

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