Skin conditions and laser hair removal
Laser Hair Removal | 11 October 2020

Skin conditions that prevent you having laser

There are some skin conditions that prevent you from having laser hair removal. When undergoing a course of treatment it is vital that the skin in the treatment area be healthy. During laser treatment heat and light from the laser enters the skin in pulses. If the skin is healthy the skin will tolerate this well. However if the skin is compromised in any way this may cause an adverse reaction. At the start of your course laser intensities are kept at a low-medium level. As the hair reduces after each session it is important to increase the intensity of the heat. This is needed to disable hair follicles. If you start a course of treatment and develop any of these issues you will have to pause your treatments. 

The following skin conditions prevent you having laser. Laser hair removal treatments are best avoided until such a time as the skin heals and returns to normal. If laser is performed it may make these conditions worse or cause damage to the skin. In some instances laser may be possible if the skin in the treatment area is unaffected by these conditions. For example, if your face is prone to pigmentation and you wanted to have laser on your underarm and have no issues here you can have laser. Each person will have their own individual set of circumstances so will need to be assessed. Laser hair removal needs to be performed with caution in order to keep your skin safe. We would always advise contacting your clinic if you happen to develop any of these conditions during a course of treatment. This way your treatment plan can be adjusted accordingly.

Their are other more common skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis that may may also prevent laser depending on there severity.

What are the skin conditions that prevent laser

Skin cancer will prevent you having laser

Skin cancer

Due to the serious nature of this condition it is not recommended to have laser hair removal. If you were to develop this throughout a course of treatment you would definitely need to pause your treatments. Most clinics will require a wait of 2 years and a letter from a doctor to say you are cancer free. 

Active acne may limit laser in some areas of the skin

Active Acne

If the area has infected pustules which are inflamed it’s best to allow skin to heal before treating with laser. Heat from the laser in some instances can make active acne worse. It’s best to try to treat the Acne first to get it under control and then consider having laser. If you have been prescribed acne medication, Accutane in particular you will need to wait 6+months before starting a course of laser treatment. If you have started a course and are put on these medications you will need to pause your treatment course. 

Skin that is prone to pigmentation may not be suitable for laser

Prone to pigmentation

If you have had serious pigmentation issues in the past it’s best to avoid laser hair removal. There is a risk that laser can stimulate pigmentation if your skin is very prone to this issue.  For slight pigmentation issues it is quite possible to have laser and avoid the areas where pigmentation has occurred. We would always recommend you have a consultation so we can assess your treatment area before committing to treatment. 

Skin infections

Skin infections

If you have a skin infection it’s best to wait until this has completely cleared up before starting a course of laser. Common skin infections include cellulitis and impetigo. As the skin will be very sore and sometimes swollen we would need to avoid adding any form of heat to the area. Skin needs to be fully healed and back to normal and an additional patch test would be required before we could retreat your area.

If you have a skin condition that you are unsure about please don’t hesitate to get in touch for some advice. While some conditions may prevent you from having laser temporarily you can continue with laser when it is safe. Please don’t be embarrassed, we treat skin and hair all of the time you really have nothing to worry about.  Being a dedicated hair removal clinic we safely treat people with these issues on a weekly basis. Our consultations are completely free of charge and take just 30 minutes. Book yours today and get started.