Before Treatment | 7 February 2016

Can I have laser hair removal during my period?

Yes, you can have laser hair removal during your period. This does not affect your treatments in any way. Some women may feel a little more sensitive the week before or during the first few days of their period so they may schedule treatments after those days to ensure a more comfortable session. This is completely up to you.

Can I get Brazilian laser hair removal during my period?

If you use a tampon on the day of your treatment it is absolutely fine to have laser on the Brazilian/Hollywood area during your period. If the area is a little more sensitive during the treatment, settings of the laser can be adjusted so that you are comfortable throughout your treatment.

We would recommend postponing treatment until your period has stopped if you are using sanitary towels, this is for hygiene reasons.

Please do not feel self-conscious in any way about having treatment during your period. We perform treatments on women on a daily basis during this time of the month. It is important that you know that you do not have to cancel or re arrange your appointments during this time.