Is it safe to have laser hair removal on the nipple area
Laser Hair Removal | 3 March 2021

Is it safe to have laser hair removal on the nipple area?

Yes, it is safe to have laser hair removal on the nipple/areola area. During treatment the laser will target hairs on the paler surrounding areas and will not be pulsed directly onto the nipple itself. The areola is a sensitive area of the body that contains pigment so it is important to be careful when treating. We use different lasers to treat different skin types. Laser is safe for pale and dark skin so this is something you don’t have to worry about. We use an Alexandrite laser for pale/med skin tones and an Nd:Yag for dark skin tones. 

How laser treats different skin types

How many sessions of laser hair removal are needed for the nipple area?

A full course of treatments are needed for this area. 6-10+ sessions may be needed to achieve an 80-85% reduction here. If hairs are finer in texture and lighter in colour they will be harder to treat. Hairs that are thick in texture and dark in colour may respond quicker. You will need top up sessions on these hairs also, 2-3 sessions may be needed each year to maintain results.

It’s also important to mention that if you have an underlying medical/hormonal issue you may need slightly more top up sessions to maintain your reduction. Some men may also need more top ups due to their hormone profile. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for hair growth so that is why more sessions may be needed. 

Is it normal to have hair on the nipple area?

Yes, it is very normal to have hair on the nipple area. Most men and women have hair here. For some this may start to develop at puberty and for others they will notice that as they age growth will increase. Growth can vary from light fluffy hairs to dark coarse ones. If hairs are very light in colour they will not respond to laser treatment. For laser to work, hairs need to have pigment and need to be medium/thick in density. 


Is it common for women to develop hair on the areola?

Yes, it is very common for women to develop hairs on the areola. Hairs may develop on the chest area also. Again this is very common and once hairs are dark in colour they can be treated with laser. Some hormonal conditions like PCOS may increase the likelihood of you having hair in this area. 

Areas where hair can grow if you have a hormonal condition


Please don’t be embarrassed if you have hair in these areas, laser is clinically proven to reduce hairs in these areas. We treat lots of women and men with hairs in these areas so you have nothing to worry about. 


Why do I need a laser hair removal consultation and patch test for the areola area?

We would always recommend a consultation and patch test before you start laser on any area of the body. Hair growth on the areola area can differ greatly from person to person. Hair in this area will need to be assessed to make sure it is suitable for treatment. If your hair has not been checked there is a risk it may not respond to treatment. We also need to run through any medical conditions you many have and give you honest advice about how many sessions you may need. Being a dedicated hair removal clinic we believe that it is our job to make sure you know the ins and outs about laser. A course of treatment can take time so it is vital you know what’s involved throughout it. It’s also nice to visit the salon and meet with us before you start. 

You will also need a patch test to establish a safe and effective setting before you start. Laser can cause adverse reactions so by performing a safe patch test we can prevent a skin reaction. A patch test will also allow us to see how your skin tolerates the heat from the laser. This in turn will impact and improve your results going forward. If you are slightly nervous of laser a patch test will also allow you to feel the laser before your treatment. You will be very surprised at how comfortable treatment is on the nipple area. As this area is quite small, treatment tends to be quick. Your results will be constantly monitored throughout your course to ensure you are happy with your progress.

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If you have growth around the nipple area and area maintaining it by waxing or plucking their is a long term solution. Laser can offer you a long term reduction and reduce the need for you to wax or pluck on a regular basis. If you are considering laser we would recommend you allow some of your hairs to grow so they can be assessed on consultation.  This way we can make sure your hairs are suitable for treatment. Laser hair removal is a safe way to remove hairs around the nipple area. We treat lots of people with hair in this area, it is so common for people to have hair here. Contact us today to book your consultation.