Bikini Hair Removal | 6 July 2018

What Is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal?

Hollywood laser hair removal is the complete removal of all pubic hair from the female genital area.

There are many different types or styles of hair removal in this area ranging from a basic style which is normally just along the sides of the bikini line and covers the tops, all the way through to the Hollywood which removes all the pubic hair from the area including the labia, bum and lower abdomen.

What are the benefits of Hollywood Laser Hair Removal?

The benefits of Hollywood laser hair removal can vary from person to person.

For some, it is simply a cosmetic procedure that allows the lady to feel better with her personal appearance. For others, it is so that they can carry on an active lifestyle without having to worry about the appearance of pubic hair in that area.

Being involved in sports such as swimming may mean that they do not wish for the hair to be shown in that area.

Does Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Get Rid Of  Ingrown Hairs?

Laser hair removal is an excellent solution for the permanent reduction of ingrown hairs, especially in the bikini line area.

As the skin in this area is quite soft and delicate, and the hair growth is often quite coarse and heavy, other forms of hair removal such as waxing and shaving often break the hair just below the skin’s surface and cause it to turn in under the skin and become ingrown.

As anyone who suffers from constant ingrown hairs will be aware, this can be very painful and unsightly as the hair follicle can often become infected and cause deeply infected spots on the skin that are difficult to remove.

As laser hair removal targets the cells that allow the hair to regrow deep under the skin’s surface it quickly reduces the hair and those that undertake laser treatment can expect to see a huge improvement in their first 2 – 3 sessions of treatments with hairs appearing noticeably finer and more sparse.

As the hairs become finer they lose their ability to turn in on themselves and cause an infection under the skin’s surface.

Hollywood laser hair removal is the prefered style for those that suffer from ingrown hairs in this area as it means the complete removal of all hairs from the area.

How long does Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Last?

The results from Hollywood laser hair removal treatment can last a number of years but this depends upon a number of factors like, how many sessions has the person had? What is their genetics? What colour is their skin? What colour is their hair in that area? Have they any underlying medical or hormone conditions?

Normally it will take around 8 sessions to achieve a level of reduction (80 – 90% of hair gone) that will need a maintenance or top-up session once or twice per year. Some people experience results a lot better than this but on average this is the level of reduction most people will experience from their laser treatments.

What does Hollywood laser hair removal look like?

Hollywood laser hair removal is the complete removal of all hair from the female genital area. It leaves the entire area smooth and free from hair. It covers all the sensitive areas such as the labia and bum and also.includes the lower abdomen.

Although results are noticeable from just a few short sessions (normally around 20 minutes per session) it will take around 6 – 8 sessions to achieve a really smooth appearance as the hair grows in different stages and it can only be successfully treated when it is in an active growth stage.

There is about 20% of your hair in an active growth stage at any one time. This is why it takes a number of sessions to achieve the best results.

Is Hollywood laser hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal can be slightly uncomfortable for some people, others don’t find it painful at all, as the laser works on inducing heat below the skin’s surface to destroy the hair follicle.

This heat is attracted beneath the skin’s surface by the pigment in the hair, which normally means that the first one or two sessions are the most uncomfortable and as the hair reduces the discomfort level decreases also.

Your Urbana laser therapist will adjust the laser settings for your treatment to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your session while also ensuring that you get the best possible results from the treatment.

Unlike waxing or shaving, the results from this treatment are long lasting and the benefits of Hollywood laser hair removal can be experienced from even the first one or two sessions.

To book your Hollywood laser hair removal session with Urbana, go here. Our friendly, experienced team will be glad to guide you through your journey!

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