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Bikini Hair Removal | 6 July 2018

What Is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal?

Hollywood laser hair removal is the complete removal of all pubic hair from the female genital area.

There are many different types or styles of hair removal in this area. Styles range from a basic bikini to a full Hollywood. A basic bikini just removes hair from the sides of the bikini area, while a Hollywood hair removal treatment removes all hair from the area including the labia, bum, and lower abdomen.

What are the benefits of Hollywood Laser Hair Removal?

Here are just some of the many benefits of Hollywood laser hair removal


Benefits of Hollywood laser hair removal

Does Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Get Rid Of  Ingrown Hairs?

Laser hair removal is an excellent solution for ingrown hairs. This treatment offers a permanent reduction of ingrown hairs especially in the bikini line area.

Due to the skin in this area being quite soft and delicate and the hair growth is often quite coarse and heavy other forms of hair removal such as waxing and shaving often break the hair just below the skin’s surface and cause it to turn in under the skin and become ingrown.

As anyone who suffers from constant ingrown hairs will be aware these can be very painful and unsightly. Apart from this ingrown hairs often become infected and can prove to be very difficult to remove.

Laser hair removal targets the cells that allow the hair to regrow deep under the skin’s surface.  If you suffer from this condition expect to see a huge improvement after 2 – 3 sessions of laser. Hairs will become noticeably finer and much more sparse. As a result, these finer hairs lose their ability to turn in on themselves and become ingrown. Therefore they cannot cause an infection under the skin’s surface.

How long does Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Last?

Normally it will take around 8-10+ sessions to achieve a reduction of 80 – 85% in hair growth. Top-up/maintenance sessions are needed once or twice per year after that. Regularly maintaining your reduction will mean your results will last. It should be noted that results vary from person to person. Factors like skin colour, hair type, and hair colour definitely have a part to play. Thick, coarse, dark hairs will respond quickly. Fine, softer, lighter-coloured hairs will take longer. It should be noted that laser does not work on blond, red, white, or grey hairs. If you have a combination of both laser will only remove the darker hairs. 

What does Hollywood laser hair removal look like?

Hollywood laser hair removal is the complete removal of all hair from the female genital area. It leaves the entire area smooth and free from hair. All sensitive areas such as the labia and bum and includes the lower abdomen also.

What does a Hollywood bikini look like?

Is Hollywood laser hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal can be slightly uncomfortable if your hair is extremely dark and coarse. Laser works on introducing heat below the skin’s surface to destroy the hair follicle. This heat is attracted to the hair below the skin’s surface. At the beginning of your course, you hair will be at its thickest. Because of this more energy will be absorbed from the laser. As your hair reduces less energy is absorbed so it becomes much more comfortable. Generally, the first one or two sessions can be slightly uncomfortable. As the hair reduces the discomfort level decreases also. You should never be in pain during a laser treatment. Above all your comfort comes first. When having a treatment with us we constantly check that you are comfortable. Settings are adjusted by our therapists if needed throughout your session. 

Why is a consultation and patch test needed before you start laser hair removal?

We would always recommend you have a consultation before you start a course of laser hair removal. To ensure you are suitable your hair type must be checked. If hairs are not dark enough laser will not be successful. Hairs must be mid brown – black in colour. Due to the lack of pigment in blond, grey, white and red hairs laser will not absorbed in the same way. Some women may find they have a mix of hair colours in the bikini areas. After treatment some blond, grey hairs may remain.

During your consultation we will discuss any concerns you may have, we will assess your skin and hair type and medical history and give you a rough estimate of how many sessions you may need. Given this is such a private area it’s always nice to meet with us and see our surrounding to help you feel relaxed before you start.

A patch test is vital for your safety. Different skin types require different intensities of laser. After we have done an assessment a small patch test will be performed on the bikini area. Not only does this give us a reading on how your skin tolerates the laser, it also allows you to feel the sensation. This will make you a little more comfortable coming in to have your first treatment as you will know to expect.

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